Settings for Connected TV Reach Plans

Last update: 2023-12-06
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Beta feature

Parameter Description Required?
Name The name to identify your plan. Yes
Advertiser The specific advertiser in the account for which the plan is being created. Yes
Media Type The type of media to include in the plan.

Currently, only Connected TV is available.
Date Range The start and end dates for the plan.

The start date can’t be before the current date. The date range can’t be greater than 90 days.
Goal Type The type of goal (such as Budget) to consider for the plan.

Currently, only Budget is available.
Goal Value The goal value for the forecast. For more accurate forecast results, use a value > 5000 USD. Yes
Max Bid The maximum amount to pay for 1000 impressions. If the Connected TV media type is selected, enter a value of at least 10 USD. Yes
Frequency Cap The number of times a unique household should be served ads.

When you implement a plan and must create multiple placements, apply the frequency cap setting at the package level, not the placement level, to ensure proper delivery.
Geo-Targeting Locations to include or exclude as targets. Yes
Inventory Targeting Inventory sources to include or exclude as targets. Select at least one feed or source. Yes
Audience Targeting Audiences to include or exclude as targets. No
Ad Duration The duration of ads to consider for the plan. No

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