Static methods

Accessing the SOAP methods is achieved by invoking a method on the object representing the schema. The schemas are 'NLWS' global objects. The following example invokes the PostEvent static method of the xtk:workflow schema.

      NLWS.xtkWorkflow.PostEvent("WKF1", "signal", "", {variables: {foo: 'bar'}}, false)

Non-static methods

To use the non-static SOAP methods, you must first recover an entity using the load or create methods on the corresponding schemas. The following example invokes the ExecuteQuery method of the xtk:queryDef schema.

var query = NLWS.xtkQueryDef.create(
  {queryDef: {schema: "xtk:workflow", operation: "select", 
    select: {
      node: {expr: "@internalName"}
    where: {
      condition: {expr: "[folder/@name]='wfExamples'"}
    orderBy: {
      node: {expr: "@internalName", sortDesc: "false"}

var res = query.ExecuteQuery()

for each (var w in res.getElements("workflow"))


Certain non-static calls cannot be used because the object being loaded (**) lacks data. This is the case, for example, for certain calls on nms:delivery.