Responsive breakpoints

Learn how to configure new responsive breakpoints for AEM responsive Page Editor.

Create CSS breakpoints

First, create media breakpoints in the AEM Responsive Grid CSS that the responsive AEM site adheres to.

In /ui.apps/src/main/content/jcr_root/apps/[app name]/clientlibs/clientlib-grid/less/grid.less file, create your breakpoints to be used together with the mobile emulator. Make note of the max-width for each breakpoint, as this maps the CSS breakpoints to the AEM responsive Page Editor breakpoints.

Create new responsive breakpoints

Customize the template’s breakpoints

Open the ui.content/src/main/content/jcr_root/conf/<app name>/settings/wcm/templates/page-content/structure/.content.xml file and update cq:responsive/breakpoints with your new breakpoint node definitions. Each CSS breakpoint should have a corresponding node under breakpoints with its width property set to the CSS breakpoint’s max-width.

Customize the template's responsive breakpoints

Create emulators

AEM emulators must be defined that allow authors to select the responsive view to edit in the Page Editor.

Create emulators nodes under /ui.apps/src/main/content/jcr_root/apps/<app name>/emulators

For example, /ui.apps/src/main/content/jcr_root/apps/wknd-examples/emulators/phone-landscape. Copy a reference emulator node from /libs/wcm/mobile/components/emulators in CRXDE Lite to and update the copy to expedite node definition.

Create new emulators

Create device group

Group the emulators to make them available in AEM Page Editor.

Create /apps/settings/mobile/groups/<name of device group> node structure under /ui.apps/src/main/content/jcr_root.

Create new device group

Create a .content.xml file in /apps/settings/mobile/groups/<device group name> and define
the new emulators using code similar to the one below:

Create new device

Update the template’s device group

Lastly, map the device group back to the page template so the emulators are available in the Page Editor for pages created from this template.

Open the ui.content/src/main/content/jcr_root/conf/[app name]/settings/wcm/templates/page-content/structure/.content.xml file and update the cq:deviceGroups property to reference the new mobile group (for example, cq:deviceGroups="[mobile/groups/customdevices]")