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Assets view enables you to generate a link and share assets with external stakeholders, who do not have access to the Assets view application. You can define an expiration date for the link and then share it with others using your preferred communication method like email or messaging services. Recipients of the link can preview assets and download them.

To generate a link for an asset or a folder containing assets:

  1. Select the assets, or folders, or both, that contain assets and click Share Link.

  2. If you want to adjust it, click the Calendar icon to define an expiration date for the link using the Expiration Date field. You can also specify a date directly in the yyyy-mm-dd format. By default, expiration date for a link is set to 2 weeks from the date of sharing.

  3. Copy the link from the Share Link field.

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  4. Click Close and share the link using email or other collaboration tools.

Access the shared assets access-shared-assets

After sharing the public link for assets, the recipients can click the link to preview or download the shared assets in a web browser without the need to log in to Assets view.

Click the link, click the folder to navigate to the asset, and then click the asset to preview it. You can select to view the shared assets in a List View or a Card View.

You can hover the mouse over the shared asset or the shared assets folder to either select the asset or download it.

You can also select multiple assets and click Download. Assets view downloads the selected assets as a zip file. Assets view creates a sub-folder in the parent zip file, with the same name as that of the asset, for each asset that you select to download.

To download all assets at once, switch to the List view, click Select all and then click Download.

Preview shared assets

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