Workfront Fusion release activity: Week of April 18, 2022

This page describes all enhancements made in Adobe Workfront Fusion the week of April 18, 2022.

For a list of all recent changes, see Adobe Workfront Fusion release activity.

For a list of recent bug fixes in Workfront Fusion, see the Workfront Maintenance Updates page and check for any updates labeled Workfront Fusion Maintenance Update.

New Fusion login option for organizations that use Adobe Identity Management

When you log in to Workfront Fusion, you now see a “Log in with Adobe ID” option. This option is only for organizations that use Adobe Identity Management as a Single Sign-On solution for Workfront Fusion.

Existing Fusion customers do not need to use the new login option. If your organization moves to Adobe Identity Management in the future, your Workfront Fusion administrator will notify you of the change.