Workfront Fusion release activity: Week of February 26, 2024

This page describes all enhancements made in Adobe Workfront Fusion the week of February 26, 2024

For a list of all recent changes, see Adobe Workfront Fusion release activity.

For a list of recent bug fixes in Workfront Fusion, see the Workfront Maintenance Updates page and check for any updates labeled Workfront Fusion Maintenance Update.

New function available in Fusion: toArray

To make it easier to create arrays in Fusion, we’ve added the toArray function. This function converts a collection into an array of key-value collections. You can find this new function on the Arrays tab of the functions panel.

For details on the structure of this function, see toArray in the article Array functions.

For general information on functions in Workfront Fusion, see Map items using functions in Adobe Workfront Fusion.

Adobe Photoshop connector and modules now available

Now you can use Workfront Fusion to connect to Adobe Photoshop.

With the Adobe Photoshop connector, you can:

  • Create a new Photoshop document, then generate renditions or save it as a PSD
  • Edit text layers
  • Retrieve layer information
  • Execute Depth Blur, Product Crop, or other Photoshop actions

For more information, see Adobe Photoshop modules.