Managing Documents with Adobe Workfront DAM

Adobe Workfront DAM is a native Digital Asset Management (DAM) system within Adobe Workfront that provides users controlled access to digital assets.

Understanding Workfront DAM

Workfront DAM is a cloud-based DAM platform that provides a single location where you can store, organize, find, retrieve, and share digital files. You can save documents from Workfront to Workfront DAM, and you can add documents to Workfront via Workfront DAM.

Workfront DAM enables you to do the following tasks:

  • Distribute and share assets with teams and third-parties, eliminating the need for FTP uploads or large email files
  • See and share assets
  • Send curated assets and associated metadata from Workfront directly into Workfront DAM

Before you can link your documents with Workfront DAM, you must integrate Workfront with Workfront DAM. For more information on integrating and configuring Workfront DAM, see Configure document integrations.

Send Documents to Workfront DAM

You can save documents from Workfront to Workfront DAM.

  1. Go to the  Documents  tab for any object within Workfront, select the file that you want to save to Workfront DAM, then click More.

  2. Click the Send to icon, then click Workfront DAM.

  3. Click  Workfront DAM, then click the location where you want to save the document.

For information on automatically including document metadata when saving documents from Workfront to Workfront DAM, see “Configuring Workfront to Send Metadata to Workfront DAM” in  Configure document integrations.

Adding Documents from Workfront DAM

Workfront DAM provides a dedicated storage area where your DAM assets are stored. This allows you to add documents to Workfront from Workfront DAM without impacting your Workfront storage space.

  1. Go to the Documents tab of the object to which you want to link documents from Workfront DAM.

  2. Click  Add New.

  3. From the drop-down list, click  From Workfront DAM.

  4. Browse to and select the assets that you want to link in Workfront.

    Thumbnail images are displayed on the Documents tab. Select the thumbnail to view the filename.

    After the documents are linked to Workfront, the Workfront logo is displayed next to the document title, indicating that the document actually resides in Workfront DAM.