Operations in Adobe Workfront Fusion

An operation in Adobe Workfront Fusion is a task performed by a module. For tracking purposes, any successful action performed by a module is an operation.

Considerations when counting the number of operations

  • In general, any successful action-step execution is considered an operation.

  • The first module in a scenario runs only once and is always counted as one operation, even if it does not return a bundle.

  • The number of times the rest of the modules run depends on the number of bundles they must process. One run of a module for one bundle is one operation. An exception is the aggregator module, which is counted as one operation per set of bundles being processed.

  • Operations are counted at the Finalization stage of a scenario execution.

  • The following are not counted as operations:

    • Any filter steps.

    • Any action that errors or halts.

    • Any route that does not run because the route’s rules were not met, such as fallback or disabled routes.

    • Any action that does not run, either because a filter didn’t allow data through or because the scenario stopped due to an error.

Operation limits

Your organization may have a monthly operations limit. This is based on the Workfront plan that your organization purchased. The Ultimate Workfront plan offers unlimited operations.

If your organization has a monthly limit, you will be notified when you near the limit. If you go over the limit, Workfront will contact your organization to ensure that your plan meets your needs.

View the number of operations performed in the last 30 days

You can see a graphs showing the number of operations performed. These graphs are available in the following locations:

  • Organization dashboard: Operations used by the entire organization
  • Team dashboard: Operations used by scenarios owned by this team (Adobe Experience Cloud only)
  • Scenario details page: Operations used by this scenario (Adobe Experience Cloud only)