Understanding Feeds in Recommendations


In this video, you learn how to:

  • Describe what a feed is and understand how they are used

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Hello, I’m Mike Mineer, Partner Training Instructor here at Adobe. Today, we’re gonna cover the purpose and value of feeds with Adobe Target Recommendations. At the end of this video, you should understand the purpose of feeds, and also the value of them, what they allow you to do, and why you potentially want to use them. Now the benefits of using them are several. You can use feeds to get entities imported into Recommendations, entities can be set using CSV files, a Google product search feed format, or even Adobe Analytics classifications. Feeds allow you to pass these entities or to augment your existing MBOX data, with additional information that is either unavailable on the page, or it’s unsafe to send. Things like cost of goods sold, margins, those things that you wouldn’t necessarily want people to have that information about. So, you can select which combs from your target classification file to use for product search, or at analytics classifications. And you can use those pieces of data about each of them in the template display for controlling the Recommendations. So, let’s go ahead and take a look at it and see what it looks like in the environment.
Your feed allows you to either import your products or to update the information about those products or entities, within Recommendations.
As you can see here, I have listed 39 products on my site. And each one of these different products are part of a feed that I can update, and make changes to. So if I sort of come in here and look at these Longirod Longirod Trek poles, anything I see in here I can make changes to via my Recommendations feed, whether I need to change the inventory, my margins, the value, whatever it is, I can come in and make changes to those based on my feed that I have listed here.
This is very valuable to your site because it’s through these products that you can display the Recommendations on your site as you see listed here. We’ll go into the criteria, the design, the way it looks in other videos. But note that the value feeds is outstanding at helping you to get those products out there onto your site available for Recommendations for you to be able to use within Recommendations itself.
So hopefully now, you understand a little bit better, the purpose of the feeds and the value of why you can use them, and how they’ll benefit you.

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