Create Custom Designs in Recommendations


In this video, you learn how to:

  • Create custom designs in Adobe Target Recommendations

Intended Audience

  • Business Practitioner
After completing this video you’ll be able to create a custom design and understand how to reference display variables within your design. The benefits of this, so that you can create custom designs to match your site. Let’s go to the web and go ahead and take at look at this.
To get to the create design section you need to go to recommendations at the top and click designs on the left hand side and then click on the blue create designs button. Now when the create design button pops up there’s very little information you need to fill out. The content name, an image if you have one and then the code that you want to put in there. So our content name, where just gonna call that in this case a six by one product layout.
The image may not ne available when you first create it since you don’t have a actual display of what it looks like on the site so you may need to come back and edit the design later on and add the image. However I have one so ill go ahead and add it now, and then I want to come in and add the code to my site. Now recommendations designs use the open source philosophy design language, a design can be HTML or non-HTML by default HTML designs are wrapped with a Dev tag to allow for click tracking in a web environment while non-HTML designs are for non web environments, while click tracking is not possible.
We’re gonna go ahead and keep the HTML design option enabled. Now a another thing to point out is I can click on this two by two presets layout and all that does is give me some default code that I can then come in and edit for use later on. However we’re not gonna use that, i have some other code that I’m simply going to paste in here it’s going to make it look like this image over there.
Now this is code you will get from a developer that you could put in here and the only thing you might need to change are these display variables, you can see the display variables that are available over on the right hand side.
And then I reference those in my code and if we just go here we can see right here entity one dot name, entity one dot value and then if we scroll down a little bit. There’s entity two dot name and entity two dot value. You could use up to 99 different entities or display variables to populate your designs. We will go ahead and click save and then will see that my design will be available for use in recommendations activities. Now one other thing that to point out is you can use any other design as a template so I can come in here can use this four by one to copy. I can also edit those that have been created by another user. Any of the default designs do not have the option to edit. However I can can copy them and make changes to them as you see here on this one.

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