Adobe extension for Mailchimp

Overview video of the Adobe event forwarding extension for Mailchimp. For more information, please visit the Mailchimp event forwarding extension documentation.

In this brief video, we’ll see a demo of the new Adobe Experience Platform Event Forwarding Extension for MailChimp.
For Adobe customers who use MailChimp marketing automations like campaigns or transactional emails, you can now activate those MailChimp features based on visitor activity in sites or apps.
As part of Adobe real-time CDP connections, extensions like this empower customers with precise control when collecting and forwarding event level data in real-time to non-Adobe destinations like MailChimp.
Frescopa Coffee Company is a direct to consumer business, selling specialty coffees and related products. The Frescopa marketing team is running a targeted promotion to drive creation of new user accounts and customer sign-ins. When a customer signs in, we have a rule in our client side Tags property to set a Campaign Conversion event to Adobe Experience Platform edge network. You could send any event type or other data to a platform edge network using any tag management system and platform web SDK to accomplish this.
Once our Campaign Conversion event hits platform edge network, it’s also immediately available to our event forwarding property. In this event forwarding rule, when the Campaign Conversion event type hits edge network, this rule action from this extension sends the relevant data to MailChimp, which triggers an email from their system.
Here we can see the data sent from event forwarding, and received by MailChimp for our subscriber.
And here, we see the email sent for our sign in campaign.
With just a few simple configuration steps, you can trigger emails from your MailChimp account based on any visitor interaction or business logic you need. To configure and implement this extension, please see the Experience League data collection documentation for details, thank you. -