Add an event-forwarding extension

Learn how to add an event-forwarding extension in Data Collection. For more information, please visit the event forwarding documentation.

Adobe Experience Platform Launch is being integrated into Adobe Experience Platform as a suite of data collection technologies. Several terminology changes have rolled out in the interface which you should be aware of while using this content:
  • Platform Launch (Client Side) is now tags
  • Platform Launch Server Side is now event forwarding
  • Edge configurations are now datastreams
I’m going to walk you through how to add an extension - with Launch Server Side in Adobe Experience Platform Launch. I am now logged in to my Adobe Experience Platform - Launch Server Side Property. And I’m at the property overview screen. So if we’re going to install an extension it works very similar to how - it does on the client side. So what that means is we’re going to go over - here underneath authoring and select extensions from the side rail and this will show us our - list of installed extensions. To install a new extension - we simply go to the catalog, find the extension we’d like to install which in this case is - the Adobe Cloud Connector and we’ll select install. Now this one was very simple, there were no additional - configuration steps. Sometimes you’ll see an extension - that when you hit install it’ll actually bring you to a - screen that’s similar to this where you’ll have more - configuration options. It just depends on the type of - extension you’re installing. So for this one we can - go ahead and close that and then we’re all set - to use this in the Rules. And that’s it, you have - now installed an extension into your Server Side Launch Property. -