Manage sensitive data in datastreams

Learn how to manage sensitive data in datastreams. For more information, see the datastreams documentation.

Hi, I’m Travis Jordan on the Experience Platform Product Team. In this demo, I’m going to show you new features that allow customers to manage sensitive data such as PHI or regulated health data in data collection. Okay, let’s dive into scenario number one. In this scenario, non-HIPAA ready service destinations are filtered out in the data streams UI if that data stream is associated with schema that includes sensitive labels. So, you’ll see here this data stream has sensitive labels. It references M01-schema which indeed has sensitive labels. So, if I attempt to add a service or a destination and I go to select that, I only see destinations that are HIPAA ready. So, non-HIPAA already destinations such as analytics or target or audience manager do not show in the dropdown. This prohibits customers from sending sensitive data to non-HIPAA ready destinations. This is great. Okay, let’s take a look at scenario number two. In this scenario, an error is received in data streams when attempting to add on event schema that includes sensitive labels and non-HIPAA ready destination services. Okay, let’s take a look. So, once again, in this data stream it does not include sensitive labels. It references M02 which indeed does not reference sensitive labels. Okay, now, if I try to add a service, I see all the options. This is great. So, now I can go ahead and enable analytics.
Now, here’s the interesting part. Now, let’s say I want to add platform. Okay and I want to reference an event data set that does include sensitive labels. Let’s try M01.
I get an error that does not allow me to add that schema because it includes sensitive labels. Okay, let’s wrap up with scenario three. Now, I’m going to hop over to platform. In this scenario, an error is received in platform when attempting to add sensitive labels to a schema that is associated with a data stream that includes non-HIPAA ready destination services. So, let’s take a look. Once again, M02 does not include sensitive labels and it is sending data to a non-HIPAA ready destinations in analytics. So, if I click this and I try to add sensitive labels to this, let’s say I want to add a sensitive label to this specific field and I select the sensitive label, I click save. It does not allow me to add these sensitive labels. Why? Because this data stream includes a non-HIPAA ready destination.
And this concludes our demo on managing sensitive data and data collection, thank you. -