Strategies for using metadata with POIs using-metadata-pois

In Places Service, when you create a a new POI, the only required elements are Name, Radius, Latitude and Longitude. For more information about creating a POI, see Create a POI. If, however, you are only entering the minimum information, you will miss an opportunity to create additional value.

POI metadata can be used in a variety of ways. From a POI management standpoint, adding metadata values can help in searching for or filtering a list of potentially thousands of POIs. Creating metadata for key attributes related to a POI can yield value in downstream workflows. For instance, a hotel chain creating POIs for each property may want to include metadata such as if the hotel property has a pool or not, or a restaurant and bar, or if they have a gym facility. This metadata can be included as context data in analytics and can also be used for targeted offers or messaging.

Places Service metadata in Launch

In Experience Platform Launch, you can create data elements for each Places Service metadata field that is important for tracking or messaging purposes.

data element for the gym facility

You can then create an action with the Analytics extension for creating a new hit that includes whatever metadata you would like as context data.

action for the gym facility

In-App Messaging in Adobe Campaign

Metadata can be used as a filter for local notifications and in-app messages defined in Adobe Campaign Standard. Using metadata as a filter affords the opportunity to create a more relevant message that is contextual to the actual location.

filtering local notifications and in-app messages in ACS