Create a POI create-a-poi

A point of interest (POI) is a location or a point on a map that is of importance to your organization or company. It can include locations like cafes, restaurants, retail locations, stadiums and so on. Companies can define points of interest to help personalize a user’s mobile experience when they have entered a geo-fenced region for a particular point of interest. Beyond personalized experiences, companies may also create points of interest to help them analyze and better understand location traffic patterns. A large retail chain may choose to create POIs for all of their store locations to gain analytics on user’s that have their mobile application AND visit a store location.

  1. Log in to the Places Service UI with your Adobe ID.

  2. In the top right side, click New.

  3. Type a name for your POI.

  4. Enter or select a radius.

    The radius is the minimum distance, and the recommended value is 100 meters.

    define a POI

  5. Optional steps:

  6. The following steps are optional:

    1. Select an icon for your POI.
    2. Select a color for the icon.
    3. Specify a category for your POI.
  7. Expand the Location section.

    1. Type an address.
    2. Type the city.
    3. Type the name of the state.
    4. Type the name of the country.
    5. Select or enter a latitude or longitude (required).
    6. Click Drop Pin on Map.

    If you do not know the exact latitude and longitude, dropping a pin is useful.

  8. Expand the Metadata section and click Add Metadata.

    Metadata can help you further define a location and can be used in other Adobe solution workflows to additionally refine your audience.

    1. Type the key name.
    2. Type the key value.
  9. Click ** Save**.