Edit a plan

To edit a plan, in the PLan Plans interface in Mix Modeler, select your plan by its name.

In Plan insights, your plan insights are created, showing the Model, the Data range, and Total budget on which the plan is based.

When finished retrieving, you see an overview of your plan, consisting of:

  • Forecasted paid channel ROI visualization

  • Forecasted revenue visualization

  • Data range breakdown table of the plan, showing columns for

    • Channel
    • ROI
    • CPA
    • Revenue
    • Conversion goal
    • Spend

Overview of a plan

  1. Select Close to return to the Plans interface.

  2. Select X or ** %** on how to View ROI.

  3. To download a CSV file containing the data of the Date range breakdown, select Download Download CSV. From the context menu:

    • Select Download Detailed CSV for detailed data in CSV format.
    • Select Download Summary CSV for summary data in CSV format.

    Detailed data is granular data keyed by week. Summary data is data keyed by the model-provided date range.

  4. To view the Date range breakdown by category of channels, select All channels, Paid channels, or Non-paid channels from the View selection.

  5. To edit your plan, select Edit plan:

    1. In the Spend selection section, for each budget date range, use the Chevron to open the channel distribution view for that data range.

    2. To modify the budgets for each channel, modify the values for Min and Max or use the sliders.

    3. To toggle between currency or percentage input, select $ or % for View spend by.

      Spend selection

    4. To edit the details of your plan, select Edit details:

      1. In the Setup section, if applicable, modify the Plan name and the Description.

      2. In the Budget section:

        1. Modify the Date range for one or more of your plan’s date ranges, either by typing dates or selecting a date range using Calendar .

        2. Modify the Budget for one or more of your plan’s date ranges.

        To add additional date ranges, each with their budget, select CalendarAdd Add row.

        To delete a date range and associated budget, select Close .

        To define a maximum budget:

        1. Switch Maximize budget on.
        2. Specify the amount of maximum budget. The amount should be equal or higher than the total amount of budgets specified for the date ranges.
      3. Select Next to return to the Spend section. Select Cancel to return back to your plans overview.

        Plan Details

  6. When finished editing your plan, select Edit.

    In the All changes are final dialog, select OK to update the plan’s current spend allocation and ROI and revenue forecasts. Select Cancel to cancel the update of your plan.

  7. To cancel your plan updates, select Cancel.

    In the No work will be saved dialog, select Cancel to continue working on your plan or select OK to return back to the Plans interface.