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Journey Optimizer enables you to create AI models to rank offers based on your business goals.

To create, edit, or delete AI models, you must have the Manage Ranking Strategies permission. Learn more

Create an AI model create-ranking-strategy

To create an AI model, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a dataset where conversion events will be collected. Learn how

  2. In the Components menu, access the Ranking tab, then select AI models.

    All the AI models created so far are listed.

  3. Click the Create AI model button.

  4. Specify a unique name and a description for the AI model, then select the type of AI model you want to create:

    • Auto-optimization optimizes offers based on past offer performance. Learn more
    • Personalized optimization optimizes and personalizes offers based on audiences and offer performance. Learn more

    note note
    The Optimization metric section provides information on the conversion event used by the AI model to calculate offers’ ranking.
    Journey Optimizer rank offers based on the conversion rate (Conversion rate = Total number of conversion events / Total number of impression events). The conversion rate is calculated using two types of metrics:
    • Impression events (offers that are displayed)
    • Conversion events (offers that result in clicks via email or web).
    These events are automatically captured using the Web SDK or the Mobile SDK that has been provided. Learn more on this in Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK overview.
  5. Select the dataset(s) where the conversion and impression events are collected. Learn how to create such dataset in this section.

    note caution
    Only the datasets created from schemas associated with the Experience Event - Proposition Interactions field group (previously known as mixin) are displayed in the drop-down list.
  6. If you are creating a Personalized optimization AI model, select the segment(s) to use to train the AI model.

    ➡️ Discover this feature in video

    note note
    You can select up to 5 audiences.
  7. Save and activate the AI model.

Now each time an offer is displayed and/or clicked, you want the corresponding event to be automatically captured by the Experience Event - Proposition Interactions field group using the Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK or Mobile SDK.

To be able to send in event types (offer displayed or offer clicked), you must set the correct value for each event type in an experience event that is sent into Adobe Experience Platform. Learn how

How-to video video

Learn how to create a personalized optimization model and how to apply it to a decision.