Add a Google TXT record to a subdomain google-txt-record

TXT records are a type of DNS record used to provide text information about a domain, that can be read by external sources.

In order to ensure optimal deliverability and successful delivery of emails to Gmail addresses, Journey Optimizer allows you to add special Google site verification TXT records to your subdomain to make sure that it is verified.

This operation can only be performed once a subdomain has the Success status. For more on subdomains’ statuses, refer to this section.

To add a Google TXT record to your subdomain, follow these steps:

  1. Open the subdomain from the Channels / Subdomains menu.

  2. In the Google txt record section, enter the verification code generated from Google Workspace, then click Save.

  3. Once the TXT record is added, you need to have it verified by Google. To do this, navigate to Google Workspace, then launch the verification step.