Create a SugarCRM Events source connection in the UI

This tutorial provides steps for creating a SugarCRM Events source connection using the Adobe Experience Platform user interface.

Getting started

This tutorial requires a working understanding of the following components of Experience Platform:

If you already have a valid SugarCRM account, you may skip the remainder of this document and proceed to the tutorial on configuring a dataflow.

Gather required credentials

In order to connect SugarCRM Events to Platform, you must provide values for the following connection properties:

The SugarCRM API endpoint the source connects to.
Your SugarCRM developer account username.
Your SugarCRM developer account password.

Create a Platform schema for SugarCRM

Before creating a SugarCRM source connection, you must also ensure that you first create a Platform schema to use for your source. See the tutorial on creating a Platform schema for comprehensive steps on how to create a schema.

Platform UI screenshot showing an example schema for SugarCRM Events

When mapping the schema ensure you also map the mandatory event_id and timestamp fields required by Platform.

Connect your SugarCRM Events account

In the Platform UI, select Sources from the left navigation bar to access the Sources workspace. The Catalog screen displays a variety of sources with which you can create an account.

You can select the appropriate category from the catalog on the left-hand side of your screen. Alternatively, you can find the specific source you wish to work with using the search option.

Under the CRM category, select SugarCRM Events, and then select Add data.

Platform UI screenshot for catalog with SugarCRM Events card

The Connect SugarCRM Events account page appears. On this page, you can either use new credentials or existing credentials.

Existing account

To use an existing account, select the SugarCRM Events account you want to create a new dataflow with, then select Next to proceed.

Platform UI screenshot for Connect SugarCRM Events account with an existing account

New account

If you are creating a new account, select New account, and then provide a name, an optional description, and your credentials. When finished, select Connect to source and then allow some time for the new connection to establish.

Platform UI screenshot for Connect SugarCRM Events account with a new account

Next steps

By following this tutorial, you have established a connection to your SugarCRM Events account. You can now continue on to the next tutorial and configure a dataflow to bring data into Platform.

Additional resources

The sections below provide additional resources that you can refer to when using the SugarCRM source.

Guardrails guardrails

The SugarCRM API throttle rates are 90 calls per minute or 2000 calls per day, whichever happens first. However, this restriction has been circumvented by adding a parameter into the connection spec that will delay request time so that the rate limit is never reached.

Validation validation

To validate that you have correctly set up the source and SugarCRM Events data is being ingested, follow the steps below:

  • In the Platform UI, select View Dataflows beside the SugarCRM Events card menu on the sources catalog. Next, select Preview dataset to verify the data that was ingested.

  • Depending on the object type you are working with, you can verify the aggregated data against the counts visible on the SugarMarket Events page below:

Screenshot from the SugarMarket Accounts page displaying list of accounts

The SugarMarket pages do not include the deleted object counts. However, data retrieved through this source will also include the deleted count, these would be marked with a deleted flag.