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Google BigQuery source

The Google BigQuery source is available in the sources catalog to users who have purchased Real-Time Customer Data Platform Ultimate.

Adobe Experience Platform allows data to be ingested from external sources while providing you with the ability to structure, label, and enhance incoming data using Platform services. You can ingest data from a variety of sources such as Adobe applications, cloud-based storage, databases, and many others.

Experience Platform provides support for ingesting data from a third-party database. Platform can connect to different types of databases such as relational, NoSQL, or data warehouses. Support for database providers include Google BigQuery.

IP address allow list

A list of IP addresses must be added to an allow list prior to working with source connectors. Failing to add your region-specific IP addresses to your allow list may lead to errors or non-performance when using sources. See the IP address allow list page for more information.


The following section provides further information on prerequisite set up required before you can create a Google BigQuery source connection.

Generate your Google BigQuery credentials

To connect Google BigQuery to Platform, you need to generate values for the following credentials:

The project is the base-level organizing entity for your Google Cloud resources, including Google BigQuery.
The client ID is one half of your Google BigQuery OAuth 2.0 credentials.
The client secret is the other half of your Google BigQuery OAuth 2.0 credentials.
The refresh token allows you to obtain new access tokens for your API. Access tokens have limited lifetimes and can expire during the course of your project. You can use the refresh token to authenticate and request subsequent access tokens for your project when needed.
The pre-created Google BigQuery dataset ID that is required in order to enable support for large result sets.

For detailed instructions on how to generate OAuth 2.0 credentials for Google APIs, see the following Google OAuth 2.0 authentication guide.

Connect Google BigQuery to Platform

The documentation below provides information on how to connect Google BigQuery to Platform using APIs or the user interface:

Using APIs

Using the UI