Zoho CRM

Adobe Experience Platform allows data to be ingested from external sources while providing you with the ability to structure, label, and enhance incoming data using Platform services. You can ingest data from a variety of sources such as Adobe applications, cloud-based storage, databases, and many others.

Experience Platform provides support for ingesting data from a third-party CRM system. Support for CRM providers include Zoho CRM.

IP address allow list

A list of IP addresses must be added to an allow list prior to working with source connectors. Failing to add your region-specific IP addresses to your allow list may lead to errors or non-performance when using sources. See the IP address allow list page for more information.

Retrieve your authentication credentials for Zoho CRM

Before you can bring data from your Zoho CRM account to Platform, you must first retrieve your credentials to authenticate your Zoho CRM source. Follow the steps below to retrieve your client ID, client secret, access token, and refresh token.

Register your application

The first step in retrieving your authentication credentials is to register your application using the Zoho CRM developer console. To register your application, you must select your client type from: Java Script, web-based, mobile, non-browser mobile applications, or self-client. Next, provide values for the name of your application, the URL of your webpage, and an authorized redirect URI that Zoho CRM can then use to redirect you with a grant token.

A successful registration returns your client ID and client secret.

Create an authorization request

Next, you must create an authorization request using either a web-based application or a self-client. The authorization request returns your grant token, which in turn allows you to retrieve your access token.

When creating an authorization request, you must fill in values for both scopes and access type. Refer to this Zoho CRM document for more information on scopes, while your access type should always be set to offline.

Generate your access and refresh tokens

Once you have retrieved your grant token, you can generate your access and refresh tokens by making a POST request to {ACCOUNTS_URL}/oauth/v2/token while providing your client ID, client secret, grant token, and redirect URI. During this step, you must also include grant_type as a parameter, and set the value as "authorization_code".

A successful request returns your access and refresh tokens, which you can then use to authenticate.

For detailed steps on acquiring your credentials, see the Zoho CRM authentication guide.

Connect Zoho CRM to Platform using APIs

The documentation below provides information on how to connect Zoho CRM to Platform using APIs or the user interface:

Connect Zoho CRM to Platform using the UI