The Pendo source is in beta. Please read the sources overview for more information on using beta-labeled sources.

Adobe Experience Platform allows data to be ingested from external sources while providing you with the ability to structure, label, and enhance incoming data using Platform services. You can ingest data from a variety of sources such as Adobe applications, cloud-based storage, databases, and many others.

Experience Platform provides support for ingesting data from third-party analytics application. Support for analytics providers include Pendo.

Pendo is a product-analytics app built to help software companies develop products that resonate with customers. The app allows software makers to embed their products with a wide range of tools that can lead both to a better product experience for users and new insights for the product team.

The Pendo source allows you to ingest supported webhook event schemas and their associated event data from using the Pendo Webhooks. The Pendo source works with Pendo URL webhooks.

The supported webhooks are:

Prerequisites prerequisites

Before you can create a Pendo source connection, you must first ensure that you have the following:

A Pendo account. If you do not have one already see the Pendo register page to register and create your account.

Set up Pendo Webhook set-up-webhook

Once you have successfully created your dataflow, you must set up a webhook to inform Platform about Pendo events. Pendo Webhooks can push out real-time notifications to other services when certain events happen, and send this information to your Pendo source. For more information, read the tutorials on getting your streaming endpoint URL and setting up a Pendo Webhook.

Connecting Pendo to Platform connect-to-platform

The documentation below provides information on how to create a Pendo streaming connector to connect with Platform using APIs or the user interface:

Connect Pendo to Platform using APIs connect-to-platform-using-api

Connect Pendo to Platform using the UI connect-to-platform-using-ui