View a roll-up report for a specific visitor

This document provides an SQL example to aggregate data from multiple analytics properties for a specific user and see that data together in one report. With Adobe Experience Platform Query Service, you can write queries that use Experience Events to capture a variety of use cases. Experience Events are represented by the Experience Data Model (XDM) ExperienceEvent class, which captures an immutable and non-aggregated snapshot of the system when a user interacts with a website or service. Experience Events can even be used for time-domain analysis. See the next steps section for more use cases that involve Experience Events to generate visitor reports.

More information about XDM and Experience Events can be found in the XDM System overview. By combining Query Service with Experience Events, you can effectively track behavioral trends amongst your users. The following document provides examples of queries involving Experience Events.


The following SQL example shows how to view an aggregate report of various analytics values for a specified user.

SUM(web.webPageDetails.pageviews.value) as pageViews,
SUM( as A,
SUM( as B,
SUM( as C,
    WHEN = 'parkas'
    THEN 1
    ELSE 0
    END) as viewedParkas
FROM your_analytics_table
WHERE = '457C3510571E5930-69AA721C4CBF9339'
ORDER BY pageViews DESC;

The query results are displayed in the table below.

               id                 | pageViews |   A   |   B   |   C   | viewedParkas
457C3510571E5930-69AA721C4CBF9339 |     706.0 | 83.0  |  7.0  | 38.0  |          22

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By reading this document, you have a better understanding of how to use Query Service with Experience Events to view an aggregate report of analytics values for a specified user.

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