Send accelerated queries

As part of the Data Distiller SKU, the Query Service API allows you to make stateless queries to the accelerated store. The accelerated queries endpoint returns results based on aggregated data to reduce the wait time for results and provide a more interactive exchange of information.

See the Accelerated Queries endpoint documentation for instructions on how to query the accelerated store.

With the query accelerated store you can build a custom data model and/or extend an existing Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform data model. To engage with or embed your reporting insights into a reporting/visualization framework, see the query accelerated store reporting insights guide. You can also read the Real-Time Customer Data Platform Insights Data Model documentation to learn how to customize your SQL query templates to create Real-Time CDP reports for your marketing and key performance indicator (KPI) use cases. You can use the attribute-based access control capability, to control the level of restriction on datasets in the accelerated store. See the data governance in Query Service
document for more information.