Create customer segments with predicted scores

When a prediction run completes, predicted propensity scores are automatically consumed by Profiles. Enriching Profiles with Customer AI scores allows for the creation of customer segments to find audiences based on their propensity scores. This section provides steps for creating segments using the Segment Builder. For a more robust tutorial on creating segments, please see the Segment Builder user guide.

In order to utilize this method, Real-Time Customer Profile needs to be enabled for the dataset.

In the Platform UI, click Segments in the left navigation, and then click Create segment.

The Segment Builder appears. From the left Fields column and under the Attributes tab, click the folder named XDM Individual Profile and then click the folder with the namespace of your organization. The folder named Customer AI contains the results of prediction runs and are named after the instance the scores belong to. Click an instance folder to access its results of the desired instance.

Located in the center of Segment Builder, drag and drop the Score attribute onto the rule builder canvas to define a rule.

Under the right-hand Segment properties column, provide a name for the segment.

Above the left-hand Fields column, click the gear icon and select a Merge policy from the drop-down. Click Save to create the segment.

Next steps

By following this tutorial, you have successfully found audiences based on their propensity scores using the Segment Builder. You can now target your audiences by activating them to destinations. See the destinations overview for more information.