Historical profile qualifications

All destinations created through Destination SDK support historical profile qualifications by default. This means that when users first set up an activation dataflow to your destinations, the first export contains all members of the audience that have ever qualified for that segment.

This behavior is defined by the "backfillHistoricalProfileData":true parameter in the destination configuration.

Historical profile qualifications are enabled for all destinations created through Destination SDK and the backfillHistoricalProfileData parameter is not user configurable.

Supported integration types supported-integration-types

Refer to the table below for details on which types of integrations support the functionality described on this page.

Integration type
Supports functionality
Real-time (streaming) integrations
File-based (batch) integrations

Next steps next-steps

After reading this article, you should know that Experience Platform automatically exports a historical population of all profiles that have ever qualified for an activated audience when the audience is first exported to the destination. This option is not configurable in Destination SDK or in the Experience Platform UI.

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