Audience Manager DIL extension aam-dil-extension

Overview overview

This is the Adobe Audience Manager Data Integration Library extension (client-side implementation). Note: This extension is not meant to be used for server-side forwarding (SSF) of Adobe Analytics data. For SSF, use the Adobe Analytics extension. Important: Starting with version 8.0, DIL has a hard dependency on the Experience Cloud ID Service, version 3.3 or higher. Please implement both Experience Cloud ID Service and DIL for full Audience Manager data integration capabilities.

Audience Manager DIL is a Data Management Platform (DMP) extension in Adobe Experience Platform. For more information about the extension functionality, see the Audience Manager extension page in the tags documentation.

This destination is a tag extension. For more information about how extensions work in Platform, see the tag extensions overview.

Audience Manager DIL extension

Prerequisites prerequisites

This extension is available in the Destinations catalog for all customers who have purchased Platform.

To use this extension, you need access to tags in Adobe Experience Platform. Tags are offered to Adobe Experience Cloud customers as an included, value-add feature. Contact your organization administrator to get access to tags and ask them to grant you the manage_properties permission so you can install extensions.

Install extension install-extension

To install the Audience Manager DIL extension:

In the Platform interface, go to Destinations > Catalog.

Select the extension from the catalog or use the search bar.

Click on the destination to highlight it, then select Configure in the right rail. If the Configure control is greyed out, you are missing the manage_properties permission. See Prerequisites.

Select the property in which you want to install the extension. You also have the option of creating a new property. A property is a collection of rules, data elements, configured extensions, environments, and libraries. Learn about properties in the tags documentation.

The workflow walks you through the steps to complete the installation.

For information about the extension configuration options, see the Audience Manager extension page in the tags documentation.

You can also install the extension directly in the Data Collection UI. See the guide on adding a new extension for more information.

How to use the extension how-to-use

Once you have installed the extension, you can start setting up rules. In the Data Collection UI, you can set up rules for your installed extensions to send event data to the extension destination only in certain situations. For more information about setting up rules for your extensions, see the overview on rules in the tags documentation.

Configure, upgrade, and delete extension configure-upgrade-delete

You can configure, upgrade, and delete extensions in the Data Collection UI.

If the extension is already installed on one of your properties, the UI still displays Install for the extension. Kick off the installation workflow as described in Install extension to configure or delete your extension.

To upgrade your extension, see the guide on the extension upgrade process in the tags documentation.