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The AEM Screens Best Practices Guide intends to provide guidance on how you can successfully plan and complete an AEM Screens project.

The intended audience for this document is:

  • AEM Implementors
  • Audio-Video Integrators
  • Business Strategists
  • Project Managers
  • Consultants

However, it should be highlighted that many other roles can also benefit from reading this guide.

The AEM Screens is a new extension to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Because the tools are new and their potential applications varied, it is critical to identify important considerations and common risk factors involved in the development and deployment of AEM Screens.

This guide provides a comprehensive insight and practical advice to imagine, design, and bring intentional customer experiences into your digital signage implementation. It also guides you how to create a positive impact on your business using some of the best practices followed while deploying a digital signage project in AEM Screens.

This Guide is designed to identify common pitfalls while implementing an AEM Screens project and the material focuses primarily on the following topics:
Terms used in this Guide (in the context of AEM Screens):
  • UX is considered to mean the digital signage experiences delivered to end customers.
  • UI is considered to mean the user interface that lets you create and manage your projects in Screens.