Release Notes for Feature Pack 201907 release-notes-for-feature-pack

Adobe recommends that you upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). AEM Screens provides maintenance support for the AEM 6.3 Screens platform.

AEM Screens released AEM 6.4.5 Feature Pack 5 and AEM 6.5.1 Feature Pack 1 with the following details.

Release Date release-date

The Release Date for AEM Screens Feature Pack 201907 is July 31, 2019.

What’s New what-s-new

  • Data Trigger drives asset change in an AEM Screens channel

The player switches to a channel that shows emergency information. The emergency system sends this information when it receives an event. The channel plays exclusively until the emergency situation is over.

See Emergency Channel use case for implementation.

  • **Targeting Enabled for asynchronous components

Targeting can now be enabled for assets used in the AEM Screens project.

To learn more about how you can enable targeting for assets in the AEM Screens project, see Configuring ContextHub in AEM Screens.

After you have configured ContextHub for your AEM Screens project, follow different use cases to understand how data triggered assets plays a vital role in different industries:

Retail Inventory Targeted Activation

Travel Center Temperature Activation

Hospitality Reservation Activation

  • Improvements in Update Handlers

The update handler now parses the experience fragments and collects any image, video, or product associated to it.

  • Launches

Launches let content authors create future versions of the channels. With the help of Launches, authors can preview each channel in the launch and should be able to initiate a request for review. Approvers group gets notification and can approve or reject the request. When the live date is reached, the content plays in the devices.
See Launches for more details.

  • Offline Configurations in Experience Fragments

You can now add offline configurations (client-side libraries and static files) while configuring Screens Experience Fragment. See Using Experience Fragments for more details.

Released AEM Screens Players

The following AEM Screens Players are released for AEM 6.4.5 Feature Pack 5 and AEM 6.5.1 Feature Pack 1:

  • ChromeOS
  • Windows
  • Android™

AEM Screens Player Downloads

To download the latest AEM Screens Player and learn more about the bug fixes, see AEM Screens Player Downloads.