Part 1: Project Roles and Responsibilities part-project-roles-and-responsibilities

This page highlights part 1 of a 5-part series. It is designed to help team members better understand the roles, responsibilities, and time lines required during the sales and project life cycle for a digital signage project.

Overview overview

The following tutorial covers project roles and responsibilities for Adobe, AEM Implementors, and Audio/Visual Integrators at a high level. You can navigate to subsequent episodes to get a comprehensive overview for how to develop AEM Screens opportunities successfully and position deployments for long-term success.

There are three primary groups that are engaged through the delivery process within the following:

  • Adobe
  • Audio-Video Integrator
  • AEM Implementation Team
It is important that all involved understand exactly how each party factors into the AEM Screens deployment and issue resolution workflows, with clearly defined roles in addressing performance issues.

Summary of Roles Involved in a Digital Signage Project summary-of-roles-involved-in-a-digital-signage-project

Defining application use-case parameters in partnership with Adobe, AEM Implementor, and Audio/Visual Integrator drives the software development scope. This process ensures that a phased approach is established with performance benchmarks and success metrics all identified throughout the project.

Adobe adobe

Adobe includes Adobe Managed Services resources like the CSE (Customer Success Engineer) and Adobe Support.

AEM Implementors aem-implementors

An AEM Implementor is responsible for performing development and integration tasks to develop the user experience, custom templates, and back-end integrations for AEM.

Custom features required to address end-customer UX (User Experience) parameters are also captured and delivered through this process.

AEM Implementors typically deploy custom functionality in phases over time to locations. For example, they might first establish support for playback of basic looped video or static graphic content. The next phase includes enabling support playback of localized content through dynamic templates and metadata tags. It includes other phases that incorporate support for interactive elements by way of touch screens, sensors, dynamic triggers, and so on.

Audio-Video Integrators av-integrators

An Audio-Video Integrator is responsible for conducting discovery with end-customers to define requirements, determining project scope to design, build and effectively manage deployments around digital signage hardware.

Part 1: Video Tutorial on Project Roles and Responsibilities part-video-tutorial-on-project-roles-and-responsibilities

Follow the tutorial below to understand exactly how each party factors into the AEM Screens deployment any issue resolution workflows, with clearly defined roles in addressing performance issues.

Part 1: Project Roles and Responsibilities

Learn about the roles and responsibilities of Adobe, Audio/Visual Integrators, and AEM Implementors.

The Next Step the-next-step

When you understand the project roles and responsibilities in implementing a digital signage project, follow the next tutorial. It delves into topics such as testing and pre-sales considerations as the project is scoped when developing AEM Screens opportunities.

Navigate to Part 2: Considerations as Projects are Scoped for more details.