Multi-Zone to Single-Zone Transition multizone-to-singlezone-use-case

Use case description use-case-description

This section describes a use-case example that emphasizes on how to set up a multi-zone layout channel that alternates with a single-zone layout channel. The multi-zone channel has sequencing image/video assets and it shows how you can set up a project that alternates from multi-zone to single-zone and conversely.

Preconditions preconditions

Before you start this use case, make sure you understand how to:

Primary Actors primary-actors

Content Authors

Setting up the Project setting-up-the-project

Follow the steps below to set up a project:

  1. Create an AEM Screens Project named as TakeoverLoop, as shown below.


  2. Creating a Multi-Zone Screens Channel

    1. Click the Channels folder and click Create from the action bar and opening the wizard so you can create a channel.
    2. Click Left-L Bar Split Screen Channel from the wizard and create the channel titled as MultiZoneLayout.
    3. Add content to the channel. Drag and drop the assets to each of the zones. The following example shows a MultiZoneLayout channel comprising a video, an image, and a text banner (in an embedded sequence), as shown below.


    note note
    To learn more about creating a multi-zone layout in your channel, see Multi-zone Layout.
  3. Create another channel titled as TakeoverChannel to your Channels folder.


  4. Click Edit from the action bar so you can add content to this channel. Add a Channel component and an image asset that you want to switch to for this channel, as shown in the figure below:


  5. Open the settings for the Channel component and point it to the MultiZoneLayout channel that you created in step 2.


  6. Set the duration from the Sequence field to 10000 milliseconds.


  7. Similarly, open the settings for the Image (asset you added) and set its duration from the Sequence field to 3000 milliseconds.


Checking the Preview checking-the-preview

You can view the desired output from the player or just by selecting Preview from the editor.

The output demonstrates how a multi-zone layout plays for 10000 milliseconds. Then, it switches to a single zone layout that has a playback duration of 3000 milliseconds. And finally, it switches back to the multi-zone layout.

You can customize your channel transition (from multi-zone to single-zone layout or conversely), as per your requirements.