Creating and Managing Locations creating-and-managing-locations

The locations host the configuration of the displays according to where the various screens are.

This page shows creating and managing locations for Screens.


Creating a New Location creating-a-new-location

After you create your project for Screens, follow the steps below to create a Location for a Screens project:

  1. Click the Adobe Experience Manager link (top left) and then Screens. Alternatively, you can navigate directly to: http://localhost:4502/screens.html/content/screens.
  2. Navigate to Screens project and click Locations.
  3. Click Create next to the plus icon in the action bar.
  4. Click the template Location from the wizard and click Next.
  5. Enter the properties for Title and Tags, More Titles and Description, On/Off Time, and Vanity URL.
  6. Click Create and the location is created and added to your locations folder.

See the steps below to understand creating a location for an AEM Screens project. For demonstration purposes, the new location (SanJose) is created under DemoProject.


After you create a location, create a display for your location.

Editing Properties for a Location editing-properties-for-a-location

To edit/access the properties of a location:

  1. Click the location.
  2. Click Properties from the action bar.


The Next Steps the-next-steps

After you create a location, create a display for your location.

See Creating and Managing Displays.