AEM Headless Web Component deployments

AEM Headless Web Component/JS deployments are pure JavaScript apps that run in a web browser, that consume and interact with content in AEM in a headless manner. Web Component/JS deployments differ from SPA deployments in that they don’t use a robust SPA framework, and are expected to be embedded in the context of any website, deliver, to surface content from AEM.

Deployment configurations

The following deployment configuration must be in-place for Web Component/JS deployments.

Web Component/JS app connects to
AEM Author
AEM Publish
AEM Preview
Dispatcher filters
Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS)
AEM hosts

Example Web Component

Adobe provides an example Web Component.

Web Component

Web Component

An example Web Component, written in pure JavaScript, that consumes content from AEM Headless GraphQL APIs.

View example