Email Core Components Introduction email-core-components-introduction

Create compelling email content using the flexibility of the Email Core Components and deliver it with the power of Adobe Campaign.

Overview overview

The Email Core Components are built on the same powerful foundation of the Core Components. They enable simple and flexible drag-and-drop authoring of email content which can then be delivered to your audience using the power of Adobe Campaign.

Benefits benefits

Emails are part of the brand experience and customer journey. With the Email Core Components, your authors can craft email content from within AEM, offering a consistently-branded experience and thereby increasing content velocity.

  • Just like authoring pages with the Core Components, the Email Core Components allow authors to assemble email without technical knowledge while ensuring that they follow branding guidelines.
  • The capability to reuse assets and content also encourages authors to follow branding guidelines and optimize the content creation process.

Features features

Requirements requirements

The Email Core Components have the following requirements.

Adobe Campaign
Core Components
On premise or AMS
Adobe Campaign Classic
Adobe Campaign Standard
Release 2.21.2+
Because the Adobe Campaign integrations are not supported in AEM as a Cloud Service, the Email Core Components are likewise not supports in AEM as a Cloud Service.

The Email Components components

The current version of the Email Core Components features the following components.

Installation and Usage installation-usage

See the Using the Email Core Components document for details on installing the Email Core Components.