Sample Themes, Templates, and Form Data models sample-themes-templates-and-data-models

AEM Forms Core Components provide ready-to-use sample themes, templates, and form data models to create versatile adaptive forms quickly. These also help form authors to learn the extensibility, adaptability, and responsiveness of Adaptive Forms Core Components to create simple forms in no time and complex forms easily while connecting with the database seamlessly.

The sample themes, templates, and form data models included in the reference content package are:

Sample themes Sample-Themes

Reference sample themes help authors to use, define, and customize styling to forms, authors with even a basic knowledge of CSS can customize the theme as per requirement.

How to get these themes?
You get these themes by using the following steps given below for AEM as a Cloud Service environment:

When you deploy an AEM Archetype, you can only use the OOTB themes in your forms, To customize the themes as per your requirements, Use the front-end pipeline to deploy the themes.

  • The themes are not available for AEM 6.5 environment.

The out of the box Adaptive Form Core Components themes are:

OOTB themes

Canvas Canvas

Canvas theme is the default theme for forms, and emphasizes the use of basic colors, transparency, and flat icons. In the screenshot below, you can see how the Canvas theme looks.

Canvas theme


WKND theme embodies a lively, imaginative, and engaging design to showcase a stylish appearance to your forms. The theme is based on the appearance and styling of WKND site which is a travel and adventure website build on Adobe Experience Manager Core Components.

WKND theme

Easel Easel

Easel theme helps to create a form appearance that is appealing and easy to set up, it is customized for simplicity and user-friendliness. The easel theme is based on the concept where a portable stand is used by artists to support a canvas while they work on their paintings.

Easel theme

FSI (Financial Services & Insurance) FSI

The FSI theme places an emphasis on giving your form a clean, practical look. The mild hue of blue is applied to your form when you apply the FSI theme, as you can see in the image.

FSI Theme

Healthcare Healthcare

The Healthcare theme employs rich, verdant tones to accentuate elements like tabs, panels, text boxes, and buttons within your form.

Healthcare Theme

Sample templates Sample-templates

Templates define initial form structure, content, and actions to replicate in your form or use a similar template structure to your form, for example, Consent form, Benefits enrollment form and many more.

How to get these templates?

You can get these templates by deploying an AEM Archetype 47 or later to your AEM Forms as a Cloud Service environment or AEM 6.5 Forms environment.

The out of the box Adaptive Form Core Components templates are:

Reference Templates

Blank Blank

A blank canvas template is used to create an Adaptive form structure, content, and rules from scratch. No form components are pre-incorporated in the blank template.

Blank Template

Contact Us Contact-Us

Contact us form template is used to create a form to facilitate communication between website visitors and form administrators. Users can submit queries, feedback, or support requests through the form.

Contact Us Template

Contact Details Update Contact-Details-Update

Contact details update template help authors to create a form for address and contact details update of customers. The form also assists customers in updating personal information related to subscription or benefits to ensure seamless communication and uninterrupted access to the services or benefits.


The consent form template is used to create a form for procuring a legal document from participants who participate in a specific activity, research study, medical procedure, or any situation where their personal information or rights may be involved. The form ensures transparency, protect the rights of the participant, and establish a clear understanding of what the individual is agreeing to.

Consent Form

Log Service Request Log-Service-Request

Log service request template helps create a form that requests log-specific logging services from a service provider. The form serves as a formal request to create a ticket for events, activities, or data logs for monitoring or tracking status.

Log Service Request Template

Give Feedback Give-Feedback

Give feedback form template helps to build a form to provide constructive feedback to another person or team. The form helps to ensure that that feedback is clear, specific, and actionable, promoting open communication and improvement.

Give Feedback Template

Benefits Enrollment Benefits-Enrollment

Benefits enrollment form template is used to create a form to collect essential information from their employees regarding their preferred benefits and coverage options. It typically accompanies the annual benefits enrollment period.

Benefits Enrollment Template

Employee Benefits Summary Employee-Benefits-Summary

Employee benefits summary form template is used to create a form to gather essential details about an individual’s benefits. It helps in evaluating coverage quickly and accurately, providing a comprehensive overview for efficient assistance and support.
Employee Benefits Summary

Request for Account Statement Request-for-Account-Statement

A request for account statement template helps to create a form that initiates the process of obtaining an accurate and up-to-date statement of customers. The statement provides a detailed record of financial transactions, activities, or other relevant information about customers who use this form.


Safety Inspection Safety-Inspection

Safety inspection form template helps to create a form to input details for a safe work environment. By conducting regular inspections using this form, potential hazards can be identified. The form covers various aspects such as emergency exits, fire safety, electrical safety, hazardous materials, personal protective equipment, workstation ergonomics for the safety and well-being of employees, visitors, and customers.

Safety Inspection Form

Quality Control Inspection Quality-Control-Inspection

Quality control inspection form template is used to create a form to assess and document the visual appearance, dimensions, functionality, documentation, testing results, and overall quality of a product or item. It helps identify defects, non-conformances, and corrective actions necessary to ensure adherence to quality standards.

Quality Control Inspection

Purchase Request Purchase-Request

Purchase request form template helps to build a form to initiate the procurement process and allow employees to formally request the purchase of goods or services necessary for their work. The form captures essential details such as item description, quantity, preferred supplier (if applicable), budget allocation, justification for purchase, delivery information, and required approvals.


Reference Form Data Models reference-models

After you create an Adaptive Form based on Core Component, you can connect your form with database Microsoft® Dynamics 365 and Salesforce servers to enable business workflows. For example:

  • Write data in Microsoft® Dynamics 365 and Salesforce on Adaptive Form submission.
  • Write data in Microsoft® Dynamics 365 and Salesforce through custom entities defined in Form Data Model and vice versa.
  • Query Microsoft® Dynamics 365 and Salesforce server for data and prepopulate Adaptive Forms.
  • Read data from Microsoft® Dynamics 365 and Salesforce server.

You can get the following Form Data Models by installing the Reference content package:

  • Microsoft® Dynamics 365
  • Salesforce

For information on using these models, see Configure Microsoft® Dynamics 365 and Salesforce cloud services