Access Rights access-rights

Learn about your Adobe ID and how you use it to access Experience Cloud resources.

User Identity Types user-identity-types

As part of the on-boarding process, Adobe will create an organization identifier for your company in the Adobe Identity Management System (IMS). IMS is where all your users and their permissions can be managed. Each user, who needs to be a member of this organization, and will be granted access to any of the Experience Cloud services, will need to have their own Adobe ID.

To get started with an Adobe ID, please refer to the document Manage Adobe Identity Types for detailed instructions on how to obtain an Adobe ID using one of the identity types available.

Users and Roles users-and-roles

Once Adobe has created an organization for your company, your designated system administrator will be added as the first member to this organization. The system administrator will be granted the administrator permissions by default, and assigned the AEM Managed Services product and one or more Cloud Manager product profiles. Please see the document Add Users and Roles to learn more about how to configure and manage your team users using the Admin Console.

With these rights granted, your administrator is now set up with a single sign-on using an Adobe ID to access the Experience Cloud services, login to your AEM cloud environments, and use Cloud Manager.