Release Notes for Cloud Manager Release 2023.12.0 release-notes

This page documents the release notes for Cloud Manager release 2023.12.0.

For the latest release notes for Cloud Manager in AEM as a Cloud Service, refer to Cloud Manager in AEM as a Cloud Service’s current release notes.

Release Date release-date

The release date for Cloud Manager release 2023.12.0 is 14 December 2023. The next release is planned for 18 January 2024.

What’s New what-is-new

  • Cloud Manager custom permissions allows you to create new custom permission profiles with configurable permissions to restrict access to programs, pipelines, and environments for Cloud Manager users.

  • The rollouts of updates to the build environment that were announced and begun with the October release of Cloud Manager have been completed.

    • Support for Node 18 was added for front end pipelines.

    • Java 8 minor version was updated to jdk1.8.0_371.

    • Java 11 minor version was updated to jdk-11.0.20.

    • Maven was updated to version to 3.8.8

      • Maven now disables all insecure http://* mirrors by default.
      • Adobe recommends users update their Maven repositories to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.
  • The build container base image was updated to Ubuntu 22.04.

Early Adoption Program early-adoption

Be a part of our early adoption program and have a chance to test some upcoming features

Bring your own GitHub byo-github

If you use GitHub to manage your repositories, you can now validate code directly within your GitHub repositories through Cloud Manager. This integration eliminates the need to consistently sync code with the Adobe repository and allows you to verify pull requests before merging them into the main branches.

If you are interested in testing this new feature and sharing your feedback, please send an email to from your email address associated with your Adobe ID.