Release Notes for Cloud Manager Release 2023.10.0 release-notes

This page documents the release notes for Cloud Manager release 2023.10.0.

For the latest release notes for Cloud Manager in AEM as a Cloud Service, refer to Cloud Manager in AEM as a Cloud Service’s current release notes.

Release Date release-date

The release date for Cloud Manager release 2023.10.0 is 5 October 2023. The next release is planned for 2 November 2023.

What’s New what-is-new

  • The Deployment Manager role can configure a set of content paths which will either be invalidated or flushed from the AEM Dispatcher cache when a non-production pipeline is run.

    • These cache actions will be performed as part of the deployment pipeline step, just after any content packages are deployed.
    • These settings use standard AEM Dispatcher behavior.
  • With the October 2023 release of Cloud Manager, Java versions are being updated via a phased roll-out.

    • The minor versions for Java 8 and 11 and Maven have been updated and will be rolled out in a phased manner over the next 2 months. The new version has multiple security fixes and bugfixes. The new versions are:

      • Maven: 3.8.8
      • Java 8 version: /usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.8.0_371
      • Java 11 version: /usr/lib/jvm/jdk-11.0.20
    • See the OpenJDK advisory for details on the security and bugfixes in these JDK updates.