Using the New Project Wizard using-the-wizard

When you are onboarded to Cloud Manager as a new customer, you are provided with an empty git repository. To help you get started, Cloud Manger offers a wizard to create a minimal AEM project based on the AEM Project Archetype as a starting point.

Follow these steps to create an AEM project using the wizard.

  1. Log into Cloud Manager at and select the appropriate organization.

  2. If you have not already, create your program. Once the program is created, Cloud Manager will recognize that the repositories are not yet set up and a special call-to-action card is shown on the Overview screen.

    Create project CTA

  3. Click Create to start the wizard and provide important values.

    • Title - This is the title of the project and is by default set to the name of the program.
    • New Branch Name - This is the initial branch of your git repositories and by default will be main.

    Project values

  4. The dialog has a drawer which can be opened by clicking on the handle toward the bottom. In its expanded form, the dialog shows all of the configuration parameters for the AEM project archetype. These parameters have default values which are generated based on the Title you already provided and do not require modification. They are explained here for your information.

    Detailed archetype parameters

  5. Click Create to create the starter project by using the archetype and commit to the named git branch.

You now have a base project! Now you can set up your pipelines.

Existing or Migrating Customers existing-migrating

If you are a current Adobe Managed Services (AMS) customer or an on-premise AEM customer who is migrating to, you likely already have project code in git or another version control system.

In such cases you will import your project into the Cloud Manager git repository.