Manage the lightbox collection manage-the-lightbox-collection

Lightbox is a special type of collection that provides easy access to assets. Each user has an exclusive Lightbox that is automatically created when they log in to Brand Portal for the first time. The Lightbox collection cannot be deleted.

Add assets to lightbox add-assets-to-lightbox

To add assets to Lightbox, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the location of the assets that you want to add to Lightbox, and select the assets.

  2. From the toolbar at the top, click the add to collection icon.

  3. On the Add To Collection page, the Lightbox collection is selected by default.

    Click Add. The selected assets are added to the Lightbox.

  4. To review the assets added to Lightbox, click Collections on the left rail, and then click the Lightbox collection.

    The assets added to Lightbox appear in the Lightbox page.

Remove assets from lightbox remove-assets-from-lightbox

  1. To review the assets in Lightbox, click Collections on the left rail, then click the Lightbox collection.

  2. Select the folder you want to remove from the collection, then click Remove from the toolbar at the top.

  3. From the warning message box, click Remove to confirm removal.

The folder is deleted from the Lightbox collection.