Speed up the Brand Portal downloads guide-to-accelerate-downloads-from-brand-portal

Adobe Experience Manager Assets Brand Portal allows enhancing the download performance of large asset files by integrating with IBM® Aspera Connect, which is an install-on-demand application. The application uses proprietary technology to remove TCP overheads and helps improve transfer speed of the asset files. This integration ensures enhanced download experience.

Download speed varies for users as it depends upon factors such as network bandwidth, server latency, and geographical location of clients.

The Fast Download configuration is by default enabled, which significantly reduces the time taken to download the desired asset files from Brand Portal.

Prerequisites to accelerate file download prerequisites-to-accelerate-file-download

To download the files faster, ensure the following:

  • Navigate to Tools > Download and verify that the Fast Download configuration is enabled in Download Settings.
  • Ensure that port 33001 (both TCP and UDP) is open on the firewall.
  • Install IBM® Aspera Connect 3.9.9 in your browser’s extension using administrator privileges (IBM® Aspera Connect Downloads).
There is a known issue with IBM® Aspera Connect. Fast download does not work with IBM® Aspera Connect version 3.10 and above.

Download domains download-domains

Following are the download domains for different geographies:

Region Code

Sample download performance using file accelerator expected-download-performance-using-file-accelerator

The following table shows download performance for a file that is 2 GB using Aspera Connect file download accelerator:

The observed results do vary due to factors such as network bandwidth, server latency, and client location, considering Brand Portal server is at Oregon (United States).

Client location
Latency between client and server (milliseconds)
Speed with Aspera Connect File Transfer Accelerator (MBps)
Time taken to download a file that is 2 GB with Aspera File Transfer Accelerator (seconds)
U.S. West (N. California)
U.S. West (Oregon)
U.S. East (N. Virginia)
APAC (Tokyo)
Noida (India)

Download assets download-assets

To download assets faster from Brand Portal:

  1. Log in to your Brand Portal tenant. By default, the Files view opens which contains all the published assets and folders.

    Do one of the following:

    • Select the assets or folders that you want to download. From the toolbar at the top, click the Download icon.


    • To download specific asset renditions of an asset, hover the pointer over the asset and click the Download icon available in the quick action thumbnails.


  2. The Download dialog listing all the selected assets opens.

    To preserve the Brand Portal folder hierarchy while downloading assets, select the Create separate folder for each asset check box.

    The download button reflects the count of the selected items. Once you are done with applying the rules, click Download items. To know more on how to apply rules, see download assets.


  3. By default the Fast Download setting is enabled in the Download Settings. Therefore, a confirmation box appears to download assets using IBM® Aspera Connect.

    If you are downloading the assets for the first time and do not have IBM® Aspera Connect installed in your browser or the existing version is out-of-date, you are prompted to install the Aspera download accelerator (https://www.ibm.com/docs/en/aspera-connect/3.9.9).

  4. Install Aspera Connect Client

    To install IBM® Aspera Connect client setup, run the setup from .msi file of IBM® Aspera Connect client application and follow the installation wizard.

  5. Once the client is successfully installed, refresh the browser page and initiate the download steps again.

  6. To continue using Fast Download, click Allow. All the selected renditions are downloaded in a zip folder using IBM® Aspera Connect.

    On successful completion of the download, a dialog box shows the location where assets are downloaded onto the user’s system.

    If you do not want to use IBM® Aspera Connect, click Deny. If Fast Download is denied or fails, the system populates an Error message. Click the Normal Download button to continue downloading the assets.

If the Fast Download setting is turned-off by the administrator, the selected renditions are directly downloaded in a zip folder without using IBM® Aspera Connect.

Using file accelerator on Microsoft® Edge browser using-file-accelerator-on-microsoft-edge-browser

Microsoft® Edge runs in Enhanced Protected Mode (EPM) preventing communication with the Aspera Connect server, while on same private network or with a Trusted Site. Therefore, a pop- up shows up every time a connection with the server is being established.

To use accelerated download functionality on Microsoft® Edge, remove the Brand Portal site from the trusted site list.

  1. Open the Control Panel (Window key + X, then select Control Panel).
  2. Go to Network and Internet > Internet Options. Click the Security tab.
  3. Click the Trusted sites zone, then click Sites.
  4. Remove Brand Portal site from the list.

Aspera Connect client Preferences aspera-connect-client-preferences

There are a few useful preferences which can be set in IBM® Aspera Connect Client preference by right-clicking the icon and selecting Preferences.

You can set the default download location.

Also, the Aspera Connect client can be marked to automatically start on system startup so that the connect client is running and available for the download to begin faster.

Troubleshoot issues with download acceleration troubleshoot-issues-with-download-acceleration

If download acceleration is not working for you, try the following suggestions:

  1. Check that ports are not blocked. Use Google Search to find options that let you check if ports are blocked, based on the operating system that is used.

    If ports are not OK, then reach out to your network team and ensure that Ports 33001 (both TCP & UDP) are not blocked in the firewall.

  2. If the ports are OK, then check if your network is not slow, by measuring the available bandwidth using https://www.speedtest.net/.

    If the bandwidth is a few (1-10 Mbps) or in Kbps, then use Aspera Preferences and try to limit the bandwidth equal to the available bandwidth.

  3. If none of the above troubleshooting steps work, deselect the option Enable Download Acceleration and use the normal download.