First Steps for Authors first-steps-for-authors

This section gives you an overview of the main tasks that you will be using when starting to author content with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

It covers:

  • Getting Started
    Detailing the basic sequence of events you need for creating and publishing your first page.

  • Further Actions
    Following on with the many other actions you can use when authoring.

Getting Started getting-started

These detail the basic sequence of events you need for creating and publishing your first page.

The content in your website is held in a tree-structure. To create or edit a page you need to navigate to the location.

Creating a New Page creating-a-new-page

Before editing, you need to create a page.

Opening a Page opening-a-page

For many actions, such as editing, you need to open a page.

Editing a Page editing-a-page

Whether your instance already has existing pages or you have created a new page yourself you can edit a page by:

Publishing a Page publishing-a-page

Once you have finished editing your page you will want to publish (or activate) your page so that it is available to visitors to your website.

Further Actions further-actions

After the basic steps there are many other actions you can use when authoring.

Copying a Page copying-a-page

It is sometimes easier to copy a page and re-use the content rather than creating everything from scratch again.

Moving or Renaming a Page moving-or-renaming-a-page

Moving and renaming pages is basically done with the same action.

Unpublishing a Page unpublishing-a-page

To make previously published (or activated) content unavailable on your public website, you unpublish (or deactivate) the page.

Deleting a Page deleting-a-page

If a page is no longer needed you might want to delete the page.

Setting the Page Properties setting-the-page-properties

Every page has properties that you can define to determine aspects of its operation. These can be updated with either UI.

Creating a Version of a Page creating-a-version-of-a-page

You can create a version of a page and then revert to a version if necessary.

More Information more-information

Access to more information about authoring can be found under Page Authoring.