Adobe Experience Manager experience-manager-6570

Adobe Experience Manager is an important update that includes new features, key customer requested enhancements, and performance, stability, and security improvements, that are released since the availability of 6.5 release in April 2019. The Service Pack is installed on Adobe Experience Manager 6.5.

The key features and enhancements introduced in Adobe Experience Manager includes:

  • Performing the page moves and MSM rollouts as asynchronous operations to reduce their impact on runtime performance.

  • Users can sort digital assets in Card and Column views.

  • Assets and Dynamic Media provide multiple accessibility enhancements. The enhancements are related to keyboard navigation, use of screen readers, and enabling users to use similar assistive technology (AT). See Assets enhancements and Dynamic Media enhancements.

  • Form data model HTTP client configuration to optimize performance.

  • Availability of Reset Option for each component in the Layout mode

  • Experience Manager 6.5 Service Pack 7 Forms improves the performance for:

    • Validating the field values on the server when you submit an adaptive form.

    • Converting a PDF form to an adaptive form using the Automated Forms Conversion service.

  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019 in Experience Manager Forms.

  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Always On availability groups for High Availability for OSGi deployments.

  • The built-in repository (Apache Jackrabbit Oak) is updated to version 1.22.5.

The following is the list of fixes provided in Experience Manager release.

Sites sites-6570

  • When you open the Timewrap option for a page, keep the Timeline side rail option open, and navigate to Sites console, the Failed to Load error occurs (NPR-34951).

  • The Timewrap option does not display images for the selected date and time range (NPR-34951).

  • When a filter calls getHeader() from a page containing a Content Fragment, the java.lang.AbstractMethodError error occurs (NPR-34942).

  • When the path of a page contains multiple content substrings, previews fail to render, and the version compare function also fails (NPR-34740).

  • When you set a numeric value for the String type label property of a component, you can delete the component and undo the delete operation. However, after undoing the delete, the label property changes from String to Long (NPR-34739).

  • The following exception occurs on adding an Experience Fragment based on a template with a locked layout to a page (NPR-34632):

    code language-txt Cannot get DefaultSlingScript: Cannot get DefaultSlingScript: org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: TypeError: Cannot call method "getChildren" of null
  • When you move a folder, it results in traversal issues and the following error occurs (NPR-34554):

    code language-txt Cannot get DefaultSlingScript. org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.query.RuntimeNodeTraversalException: The query read or traversed more than 100000 nodes. To avoid affecting other tasks, processing was stopped
  • When new assets are created, published, and moved to a new location, the Request to complete move operation workflow gets created and results in an Aborted state. Uploading a new asset and executing a move operation results in creating the Request to complete move operation workflow in pending state (NPR-34543).

  • When you export an Experience Fragment from Experience Manager 6.5.2 environment to Target Standard, the API call fails because the workspace property is not available for Target Standard (NPR-34557).

  • Users cannot publish pages through the manage publication option because the Publish option disappears (NPR-34542).

  • When you add some styles to the text, a <div> tag is added to the text, and the style cannot be applied to the text anymore (NPR-34531).

  • When you select an item in a pop-up menu and update the required files, it does not allow saving dialog values as the other menu has an empty required field (NPR-34529).

  • When you create a page from a custom template and move it within the blueprint hierarchy, components deleted earlier from the page starts showing up on the page within the live copy hierarchy (NPR-34527).

  • Once an article style is applied to a content, it cannot be removed (NPR-34486).

  • All live copies and copies of an Experience Fragment point to the same Adobe Target offer ID (NPR-34469).

  • Bulleted list items are displayed in addition to the numbered list (NPR-34455).

  • The compare to source option fails to show the difference between the source page and the edited version of a page (NPR-34285).

  • When you delete a page, the versioning details are not configurable (NPR-34159).

  • When a user selects the Open Selection dialog option, the keyboard focus moves to the hidden control present on the page (CQ-4307779, CQ-4293601).

  • When you move a published folder on the Author, the folder paths are not updated accordingly on the Publish instance (CQ-4305144).

  • When a user select the Enter key on the Select All option, the keyboard focus does not move to the Create Control option (CQ-4293599).

  • When you select the Esc key, the focus is not restored to the parent control (CQ-4293593, CQ-4293590).

  • Improved WCAG compliance for Sites UI and Core components (CQ-4293448).

  • Zoom and Scale functions are disabled for the Sites Editor page (CQ-4282353).

  • After you use the Rotate Right option, the screen reader stops narrating the current rotation or flip state (CQ-4282128).

  • Done and Cancel Configure dialog buttons have many tab-stops (CQ-4274601).

  • Moving of pages with a similar name on the same level is not allowed (NPR-35041).

  • After selecting the Clear (x) option, the keyboard focus does not move to the Filter field (CQ-4293581).

  • When you upgrade to Experience Manager, behavior of the inherited paragraph system changes and it does not work properly (NPR-35117).

  • Keyboard users are not able to shift the tab focus in an appropriate order after selecting the Action section on an AEM Sites page (CQ-4307786).

  • After selecting an option in the link target menu list of the RTE toolbar when editing a content fragment, the content fragment author dialog starts to flicker (CQ-4305532).

  • Keyboard users are not able to select the options in the Add Component drop-down list using the Down arrow key (CQ-4295097).

  • The tab focus does not shift in an appropriate order when selecting a date from the Calendar menu in the Assets tab of a Sites page (CQ-4293600).

  • The tab focus does not shift to the next or previous options for keyboard users after deleting the Link or Text options available when editing a Sites page (CQ-4293597).

  • Keyboard users are not able to shift tab focus back to More options in the Actions section after viewing the available options and pressing the Esc key (CQ-4293592).

  • When you activate the Rotate option for an image in the Edit mode, the tab focus, instead of remaining on Rotate, shifts to the Redo option for the keyboard users (CQ-4293587).

  • In the Open Selection dialog available on the Link and Actions tab, the tab focus shifts to hidden elements in the page after the Cancel option (CQ-4293579).

  • When keyboard users edit an image, navigate to the Finish option, and press the Enter key, the screen readers do not announce the completion (CQ-4282351).

  • The Move up and Move down options available on the Link and Actions dialog are not available to the screen reader and keyboard users (CQ-4281120).

  • Keyboard users are not able to restore the tab focus after navigating to the Close (X) option on the Properties page (CQ-4293581, NPR-34653).

Assets assets-6570

Adobe Experience Manager Assets fixes the following issues and provides the following enhancements.

  • The following enhancements are done for accessibility in Experience Manager Assets in this release. For more information, see accessibility features in Assets.

    • When navigating timeline using a keyboard, the Esc key can collapse the Show All option without losing the focus (CQ-4293598).
    • When navigating using keyboard tab key, after removing the last tag from the added tags, the tag field retains the focus (NPR-35109).
    • Experience Manager components now contain appropriate information for name, role, and value to be used by screen readers (NPR-34255).
    • After you delete the Type/Size combo box, Link combo box, Language combo box, or Text edit box, the keyboard focus returns to the next or the previous user interface elements or to a more relevant user interface element (CQ-4293585).
    • When hovering pointer over options, tips such as Select and Download appear. Users who use a screen magnifier may not see the file thumbnails because of these tips. Now, it is possible to preserve the focus, after removing the option using Escape key. (CQ-4293554).
    • Upon selecting a grid cell from the grid present in the page, the focus shifts to the action bar that appears on the screen (CQ-4282127).
    • Visual users can differentiate between normal text and a link, as visual clues (underline and chevron icon) are displayed for links to all solutions in Experience Manager home page (CQ-4282072).
  • The following user experience enhancement is done in Assets:

    • Enable sorting of assets in card view and column view (NPR-35097).
  • After the upgrade to 6.5, if a JSON file is generated using the Assets HTTP API, there are issues with the encoding used in the file (NPR-35129).

  • Users of a group that is not provided the permission to create Collections (Create Collection option is unavailable) are still able to create collections by directly accessing the URL https://[aem_server]:[port]/mnt/overlay/dam/gui/content/collections/createcollectionwizard.html/content/dam/collections?contentPath=/content/dam/collections (NPR-35115).

  • When sorted by name, the searched assets are sorted in case-sensitive manner. This creates two separate sorted lists based on casing that appearing in ordered manner in the search results (NPR-35068).

  • When a Content Fragment is opened in the editor, warning messages (Invalid value specified for a metadata property) are logged in the error logs (NPR-35012).

  • Users without administrator privilege can edit expired assets using [Experience Manager] desktop app. (NPR-34993).

  • When the same Asset is dragged on the Assets user interface and a new version is created, the changes in the metadata are not persistent (NPR-34940).

  • When editing Collections, a user can delete the title of the Collection and successfully save the changes (NPR-34889).

  • When uploading a duplicate image, a delete option is presented. Selecting delete lets the images upload. DAM Update Asset workflow is also triggered (NPR-34744).

  • When using Adobe Asset Link with Adobe InDesign, the search results do not contain folders and collections but only contain assets (NPR-34699, CQ-4303666).

  • Hovering pointer on card view, makes the screen scroll as a result of (automatic) focus on the quick actions available in the card (NPR-34514).

  • When editing the properties of multiple assets in bulk, selecting the Save option closes the bulk editor view and redirects to the main Assets page. This behavior is same as the behavior of Save & Close option and is not expected (NPR-34546).

  • The smart collection does not present the correct user interface setting after saving. The query is saved properly but the interface always displays the last added Option predicate (NPR-34539).

  • When adding assets to Experience Manager, the metadata without a namespace does not get imported (NPR-34530).

  • When dragging an asset on a folder to move it, the user interface also displays the option to Drop in Lightbox and Drop in Collection. Even if the move operation is canceled, the user interface continues to display the latter two options (NPR-34526).

  • The symbol %> is displayed on the collections page (NPR-34499).

  • In column view, Assets displays duplicate folder and asset names when scrolling upward and downward before all assets get displayed (NPR-34464).

  • If you create a private folder immediately after creating a public folder, then the public folder uses the private folder settings (NPR-34415).

  • In the card view, the cards are not listed in alphabetical order and cards cannot be sorted alphabetically (NPR-34234).

  • When reopening cascading rules, the choices are not maintained on the user interface (CQ-4301452).

Dynamic Media dynamic-media-6570

  • The following enhancements are done for accessibility in Dynamic Media (CQ-4290306). For details, see accessibility features in Dynamic Media.

    • Screen readers (JAWS, Narrator) narrate the name, role, and state for the menu items in the Embed size menu option (CQ-4290927).
    • Users can navigate the Email link dialog using the Tab key (CQ-4290926).
    • The workflow to create video encoding profiles is more user-friendly given the screen reader enhancement (CQ-4290623, CQ-4290622).
    • When navigating using Tab key, the focus moves to the appropriate user interface elements in the workflow to create an interactive video (CQ-4290621, CQ-4290620, CQ-4290619).
    • The Publish page, Edit Asset page, Edit Smart Crops page, and Image Set Editor page are improved to comply with web standards. Assistive technology (AT) users can now navigate these pages easily and take actions such as cropping images (CQ-4290617, CQ-4290616, CQ-4290613, CQ-4290612, CQ-4290610, CQ-4290614).
    • Viewers are improved to let users navigate using a keyboard (CQ-4290615).
    • The keyboard and screen reader users can use the crop functionality (CQ-4290609).
    • The keyboard users can better manage the hotspots (CQ-4290604, CQ-4290603).
  • Remote Imagesets are not editable in Experience Manager if the company name and folder name are the same (NPR-31340).

  • The z-index order is incorrect when you try to preview the output after adding a hotspot to a Dynamic Media image or after editing a Dynamic Media video or an Experience Fragment with an image (CQ-4307267).

  • Dynamic Media sync fails when mixed media sets are reprocessed (CQ-4307184).

  • If an asset is moved to a folder on which auto-synchronization to Dynamic Media is configured, the asset does not synchronize (CQ-4307122).

  • Dynamic Media video is not playing on iOS devices with the native HTML5 video controls (CQ-4306977, CQ-4306727).

  • Cannot download images on which SmartCrop is applied (CQ-4304558).

  • Cannot selectively publish folders to Dynamic Media (CQ-4304526).

  • Unpublishing a video file from Experience Manager do not unpublish the Adaptive Video Set from a configured Scene7 deployment (CQ-4304405).

  • Adding a panoramic image asset in a panoramic media component and refreshing the page results in Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined error (CQ-4302810).

  • In the Viewer Presets Editor, when editing PanoramicImage/PanoramicImage_VR preset, in the PanoramicView component, the PANORAMICVIEW_AUTOROTATE modifier label is not available (CQ-4302443).

  • Video captions are not displayed if the video is not the first in a MixedMediaSet (CQ-4298161).

  • HTML5 eCatalog Viewer on iPhones mobile devices cannot turn the pages or flip the pages (CQ-4296611).

  • When scrolling swatches on a mobile device, the swatches scroll to the right and out of the visible area for a few seconds before scrolling back into view (CQ-4296439).

  • When a Viewer Preset Master Record is created, the CSS and artwork do not get published and only the viewer preset gets published (CQ-4262205).

  • When attempting to link an Experience Fragment for a given hotspot in the Interactive Video/Images component, it does not show the selected Experience Fragment path. Instead, it returns an empty value from the path field (NPR-35146, CQ-4298136).

  • Cannot preview an Experience Fragment in IVV Editor (CQ-4308560).

  • When adding a hotspot to an image and selecting an Experience Fragment, it is not possible to select the subfolders and the variants of the Experience Fragment (CQ-4307455).

  • The non-image assets do not show as published after uploading (CQ-4306415).

Experience Manager 3D assets three-d-assets-6570

  • DAM CQ MIME Type service applies incorrect MIME types to 3D assets leading to incorrect rendering (NPR-34731).

Commerce commerce-6570

  • The Commerce product collection user interface does not list more than 15 products within a collection (NPR-34502).

Platform platform-6570

  • An HTTP session over HTTPS is not invalidated (NPR-35083).
  • A NullPointerException is returned when starting daily or weekly maintenance tasks from user interface (NPR-34953).
  • The W3C validator reports warnings for compliant client library JavaScript files (NPR-34898).
  • The AudienceOmniSearchHandler function uses a deprecated index (NPR-34870).
  • Signing out from Experience Manager does not clear the cookies (NPR-34743).
  • The findByTitle function of the TagManager API does not work if the tag name contains a special character (NPR-34357).
  • The process to import user sync package fails (NPR-34399).
  • Added support for ariaLabel and ariaLabelledby properties to the Coral.Masonry component (GRANITE-29962).
  • Dispatcher cache is not refreshed for pages with content fragments after installing the latest core component packages (CQ-4306788).
  • Localized tag names with quotation marks (") are not displayed properly on the user interface (CQ-4305439).

User interface ui-6570

  • The Link to field in component properties displays autocomplete suggestions that do not match the specified string (NPR-34865).

  • AEM displays the following error message when you schedule a daily maintenance window distributed between 2 days (NPR-35280):

    code language-txt
    ERROR The start time must precede (be less than) the end time

Integrations integrations-6570

  • Editing an existing Adobe Launch configuration fails (NPR-35045).
  • Cannot export Experience Fragments to Adobe Target if using IMS configuration and Adobe Target Standard environment (NPR-34555).
  • The Create option appears on the Audiences page on navigating from a folder to the Audiences page (NPR-35151).

Sling sling-6570

  • The default login health check validates the credentials of a user that does not exist (NPR-34686).

Translation projects translation-6570

  • On canceling a translation project in Experience Manager, the request to cancel it is not sent to the translation provider (NPR-34433).

Communities communities-6570

  • All the instances of inequitable terminology in the product are replaced with accepted equivalents (NPR-34311).
  • Google+ is removed from the list of social sharing options (NPR-33877).

Brand Portal brandportal-6570

  • The user interface does not respond on selecting the assets in the List View (NPR-34728).

Forms forms-6570

Experience Manager Forms releases the add-on packages one week after the scheduled Experience Manager Service Pack release date.
Experience Manager Service Pack does not include fixes for Forms. They are delivered using a separate Forms add-on package. In addition, a cumulative installer is released that includes fixes for Experience Manager Forms on JEE. For more information, see Install AEM Forms add-on and Install AEM Forms on JEE.

Adaptive Forms

  • Unable to edit an adaptive form using Classic UI after applying Experience Manager Service Pack 6 (NPR-35126).

  • When you convert a PDF to an adaptive form, you cannot set a value for a nested panel using a form data model on the tabbed layout. In addition, there are issues when setting a value for Radio Button Groups dynamically with a static array using the code editor (NPR-35062).

  • When you enter Japanese characters in a text field component in an adaptive form, you can specify more characters than the maximum limit of 35 characters (NPR-35039).

  • The adaptive form displays unwanted parameters, such as owner and status, on the Thank you page displayed after submitting the form (NPR-34989).

  • The File Selection dialog for the Attachment component displays the unsupported file types as well for selection resulting in error during adaptive form submission (NPR-34970).

  • When you insert an adaptive form in an Experience Manager Sites page that includes text before the form, the cursor focus directly moves to the form instead of the text before the form (NPR-34947).

  • Preview with Data option to prefill an adaptive form using an Experience Manager 6.2 data XML file does not work appropriately (NPR-35087).

  • When you update the data dictionary for an adaptive form, the form does not get translated as the adaptive form returns cached values (NPR-34845).

  • Fragments take longer time to load in an adaptive form because of cache invalidation (NPR-34567).

  • Tab navigation does not work appropriately for screen readers in an adaptive form (NPR-34544).

Correspondence Management

  • Unable to save values for XML tags with numeric data, which includes float type, as a draft (NPR-35050).

  • When you migrate the assets from ES3, the assets include two non-editable default conditions (NPR-34972).

  • When you edit a data dictionary in a letter, the Lent Content section displays spinning rectangles instead of useful information (NPR-34853).

Interactive Communication

  • The rollout configuration name for Interactive Communication, available after installing the Forms add-on package, duplicates the standard rollout configuration name (NPR-34976).

Document Security

  • When you save a new document security policy, Experience Manager Forms displays the Relative validity period is required error message (NPR-34679).

  • Document Security is not able to protect PDF 2.0 document (CQ-4305851).

For information on security updates, see Experience Manager security bulletins page.

UberJar uber-jar

The UberJar for Experience Manager is available in the Maven Central repository.

To use UberJar in a Maven project, see how to use UberJar and include the following dependency in your project POM:

UberJar and the other related artifacts are available on Maven Central Repository instead of Adobe Public Maven repository ( The main UberJar file is renamed to uber-jar-<version>.jar. So, there is no classifier, with apis as the value, for the dependency tag.