Adobe Experience Manager experience-manager-6540

Adobe Experience Manager is an important update that includes new features, key customer requested enhancements and performance, stability, security improvements, released since the general availability of 6.5 release in April 2019. It can be installed on top of Adobe Experience Manager 6.5.

Some key features and enhancements introduced in Adobe Experience Manager include:

  • Adobe Experience Manager Assets is now configured with Brand Portal through Adobe I/O Console.

  • A new Generate printable Output step is now available for Adobe Experience Manager Forms workflows.

Generate Printable Output

Multi column layout

  • Support for Rich Text in HTML5 forms.

  • The built-in repository (Apache Jackrabbit Oak) is updated to version 1.10.8.

  • You can now sync selective content subtrees to Dynamic Media - Scene7 mode instead of all available at content/dam.

  • Form data model integration with SOAP web service now supports choice groups or attributes on elements.

  • SOAP input or output and complex data structures now support Dynamic Group Substitution.

  • You can now select styles within the component dialog using the enhanced Style System.

Performance improvements in various areas ( performance-improvements

  • Reduced the time to load and initialize ContextHub within a site (contexthub.kernel.js). It results in faster page loads during a site visit.

  • Reduced the time to refresh a page after dragging Experience Fragments to Sites Page Editor.

  • Shortened the load time for entries on a Sites page with more than 200 live copies in Live Copy Overview.

  • Improved handling of incomplete or invalid URLs. Such URLs can slow the Template Editor.

Sites sites-fixes

  • When a URL of an Adobe Experience Manager Sites pages contains a colon (:) or percentage symbol (%), the browser stops responding and CPU usage spikes (NPR-32369, NPR-31918).

  • When an Experience Manager Sites page is opened for editing and a component is copied, the paste action remains unavailable for some placeholders (NPR-32317).

  • When the Manage Publication wizard is opened, an Experience Fragment linked to a Core Component is not displayed in the lists of published references (NPR-32233).

  • Live copy overview in Touch UI takes much longer than Classic UI to render (NPR-32149).

  • When server-time and machine-time are in different time zones, scheduled publish time displays server time in Touch UI, whereas in Classic UI, machine time is displayed (NPR-32077).

  • Experience Manager Sites fails to open a page with a suffix in the URL (NPR-32072).

  • When a user edits a Content Fragment, a deleted variation of the Content Fragment is restored (NPR-32062).

  • Users are allowed to save a Content Fragment without providing any information in the required fields (NPR-31988).

  • kernel.js and ui.js are not pre-complied or cached. It leads to additional time in rendering pages (NPR-31891).

  • When PageEventAuditListener is enabled, the length of the commit queue increases. It impacts the performance of many operations such as bulk publishing, navigation, bulk asset movement (NPR-31890).

  • When Experience Fragments are dragged, high response time is observed (NPR-31878).

  • When you select the Drag component here option in a responsive grid’s placeholder, a GET request is sent and the request results in HTTP 403 error (NPR-31845).

  • When moving the content within the same folder, the page move option is disabled (NPR-31840).

  • In editable templates structure mode, the allowed components list in layout container displays incorrect results. Only components with design dialog are displayed in the layout container (NPR-31816).

  • When a page has read-only permissions for a user, the Open properties option is visible in sites.html but not in editor.html (NPR-31770).

  • When a user clicks the Create button, the page option is not available (NPR-31756).

  • Unable to synchronize campaign in Adobe campaign containing out-of-the-box design importer component (NPR-31728).

  • When you try to change a bullet list to numbered list, only the first two items of the list are changed (NPR-31636).

  • When a page is un-authored and the child node is selected, the selection dialogue still displays the initial node. When the page is authored and user clicks browse, the page redirects to the root node instead of the authored node (NPR-31618).

  • The view configuration dialog box does not work properly for Inbox customization workflow feature (NPR-32503 and NPR-32492). For more information on this feature, see Your Inbox.

  • An error message displays while viewing workflow information using Inbox (CQ-4282168).

Assets assets-6540-enhancements

  • The button to trigger workflow on assets collection page is disabled (NPR-32471).

  • A folder with no name gets created in SPS (Scene7 Publishing System) while moving an asset from one folder to another in Experience Manager with Dynamic Media Scene7 configuration (NPR-32440).

  • The action to move all the assets (using Select All and then move) to a folder containing published assets fails with error (NPR-32366).

  • Rendition generation for assets with ${extension} fail (NPR-32294).

  • Version history URLs are displayed under Referenced By field on assets Property page (NPR-31889).

  • ZIP file downloaded from DAM cannot be opened using WinZip (NPR-32293).

  • Original permissions of a folder are updated when Folder Settings are opened to change folder title or thumbnail image and then saved (NPR-32292).

  • Calendar icon for activation scheduled is not showing in Status column (in Classic UI of DAM asset listing) for assets the activation of which is scheduled for a later date and time (NPR-32291).

  • Snippet creation using snippet templates gives error on searching for collections during the snippet creation process (NPR-32290).

  • Multiple search queries get fired when multiple tags are selected from search filter (NPR-32143).

  • Experience Manager Assets UI displays truncated filenames when assets with more than 50 characters in filename are uploaded (NPR-32054).

  • All the check boxes in Filter panel are cleared when the first and the second check boxes are cleared, when level two check boxes of the check box tree in Adobe Stock were selected (NPR-31919).

  • Files and Folder search using Omnisearch facets gives exception (NPR-31872).

  • Field highlighting for mandatory field selection in metadata editor is not removed even after selecting the required field, when the dependency rules are set in corresponding metadata schema form (NPR-31834).

  • Complete names of leaf level tags (from tags hierarchy) do not show in asset Properties page (NPR-31820).

  • Use of back command from asset Properties page on Safari browser gives error (NPR-31753).

  • Touch UI search (done through Omnisearch) results page automatically scrolls up and loses user’s scroll position (NPR-31307).

  • Assets detail page of PDF assets do not show action buttons except To Collection and Add Rendition buttons in Experience Manager running on Dynamic Media Scene7 run mode (CQ-4286705).

  • Assets take too long to process through the batch upload process of Scene7 (CQ-4286445).

  • Save button does not import Remote Set when user has not made any changes in Set Editor in Dynamic Media Client (CQ-4285690).

  • 3D asset thumbnail is not informative, when a supported 3D model is ingested into Experience Manager (CQ-4283701).

  • The unprocessed status of smart crop video viewer preset appears twice on the banner text alongside the preset name (CQ-4283517).

  • Incorrect container height of an uploaded 3D model previewed in 3D viewer is observed on asset’s details page (CQ-4283309).

  • Carousel Editor does not open in IE 11 on Experience Manager Dynamic Media Hybrid mode (CQ-4255590). For Adobe Dynamic Media - Hybrid mode customers: Adobe is ending support for Internet Explorer 11 in Dynamic Media - Hybrid mode, after May 2022.

  • Keyboard focus gets stuck in Email drop-down in Download dialog, in Chrome and Safari browsers (NPR-32067).

  • Sync all content checkbox is not enabled by default while trying to add DM cloud config on Experience Manager (CQ-4288533).

Experience Manager Assets includes the following accessibility enhancements:

  • Arrow keys on keyboard can be used to move and pan areas within zoomed images. For more information, see preview assets using keyboard keys only.

  • The mixed state checkboxes (in which unless you select all the nested predicates the first-level checkboxes are not selected and are stricken through) in Filters panel are readable by screen readers.

  • Date and time format constraints are provided in field labels of date fields, to enable the users to enter the date in correct format using keyboard.
    For example, On Time (MM-DD-YYYY HH:mm). Here MM is month in two-digit format, YYYY is year, DD is day in two-digit format, HH is hour in 24-hour military format, and mm is minute.

  • Screen readers announce the option to remove selected tags (X symbol) and the number of the selected tags.

Foundation UI foundation-ui-6540

  • Mouse control shifts to previous filter field instead of staying in the existing filter field while searching assets using Filter panel (NPR-32538).

  • Platform Tagging: Search for tags by typing in the tag fields shows tags outside the root boundaries and does not respect the rootPath property of tag fields (NPR-31895).

  • Platform UI: Path browser breaks if invalid path is added in text field (NPR-31884).

  • Notification gets hidden behind a sticky menu on page selection (NPR-31628).

Platform platform-sling-6540

  • (HTL) Underscores replace colons in the path section of URL (NPR-32231).

Projects projects-6540

  • Create button is not visible to the user even if the user has permission to create project in the subfolder (NPR-31832).

Projects Translation projects-translation-6540

  • Translation project creation breaks the UI when the Trim Spaces option is activated in Apache Sling JSP Script Handler (NPR-32154).

  • Error in UI and Null point exception in error logs is observed when any tag, to be translated, is added to a translation project (NPR-31896).

Integrations integrations-6540

  • Launch library URL generation is based only on path and library_name values from the Launch API, and is not based on library_path value (NPR-31550).

  • An error message displays while processing LiveFyre related items (FYR-12420).

  • ReportSuitesServlet is vulnerable to SSRF (NPR-32156).

WCM Template Editor wcm-template-editor-6540

  • In editable templates structure mode, allowed components list in layout container is not displaying link button component (CQ-4282099).

WCM Page Editor wcm-page-editor-6540

  • Error is observed on selecting an overlay and then selecting responsive grid Drag components here (CQ-4283342).

Campaign Targeting campaign-targeting-6540

  • Target cloud configuration fails with the error get mboxes request failed (CQ-4279880).

Brand Portal assets-brand-portal-6540

  • Metadata schema popup values are not visible in asset properties (CQ-4283287).

  • Metadata subschema do not display tabs based on MIME types in asset properties (CQ-4283288).

  • Unpublish metadata schema populates an error message although the schema is removed at backend.

  • Preview image do not display for a published asset (CQ-4285886).

  • User is unable to publish or unpublish assets containing single quote in the name (CQ-4272686).

  • Terms and conditions do not display while downloading multiple assets (CQ-4281224).

  • Minor security vulnerabilities addressed.

Configure Experience Manager Assets with Brand Portal ( configure-assets-bp

The authorization channel between Experience Manager Assets and Brand Portal is changed. Earlier, Brand Portal was configured in Classic UI via Legacy OAuth Gateway, which uses the JWT token exchange to obtain an IMS Access token for authorization. Experience Manager Assets is now configured with Brand Portal through Adobe I/O, which procures an IMS token for authorization of your Brand Portal tenant.

The steps to configure Experience Manager Assets with Brand Portal are different depending on your Experience Manager version, and whether you are configuring for the first time, or upgrading the existing configurations. See Configure Experience Manager Assets with Brand Portal for details.

Communities communities-6540

  • Create Member form is displayed as a blank page (NPR-31997).

  • User is unable to view the Analytics report on author instance (NPR-30913).

Oak- Indexing and Queries oak-indexing-6540

  • MS Word and MS Excel documents, containing JPEG image, when parsed with Tika parser fail to parse and class not found error is observed (NPR-31952).

Forms forms-6540

Experience Manager Service Pack does not include fixes for Experience Manager Forms. They are delivered using a separate Forms add-on package. In addition, a cumulative installer is released that includes fixes for Adobe Experience Manager Forms on JEE. For more information, see Install Experience Manager Forms on JEE.
  • Correspondence Management: Letters display extra characters after submission to post process workflows (NPR-32626).

  • Correspondence Management: Letters display a drop-down placeholder as a text component after submission to post-process workflows (NPR-32539).

  • Correspondence Management: The default values defined in the letter template do not display in the Preview mode (NPR-32511).

  • Mobile Forms: The submit button displays as expanded in size while rendering an XDP form in an HTML version (NPR-32514).

  • Document Services: URL access issues for Letters and some other pages after applying Service Pack 2 (NPR-32508, NPR-32509).

  • Document Services: If the number of transactions on a server exceeds a specific limit, the HTML to PDF conversion fails and the file type settings are removed from Forms server (NPR-32204).

  • Adaptive Forms: Browser accessibility tool reports failures in adaptive forms according to the WCAG2 Level AA guidelines (NPR-32312, NPR-32309, CQ-4285439).

  • Adaptive Forms: Chrome browser accessibility tool reports a best practice failure (NPR-32310).

  • Adaptive Forms: Translation issues while configuring an adaptive form embedded in an Experience Manager Sites page (NPR-32168).

  • Workbench: An error message displays while using Get PDF Properties operation for PDF Utilities service (NPR-32150).

  • Document Security: A protected PDF file fails to open offline with DisableGlobalOfflineSynchronizationData option set to True (NPR-32078).

  • Designer: If the tagging option is enabled, the subform border disappears in the generated PDF output (NPR-32547, NPR-31983, NPR-31950).

  • Designer: If there are merged cells in a table, the accessibility test fails for the output PDF file converted from an XDP form using the output service (CQ-4285372).

  • Foundation JEE: If an Experience Manager Forms server is disconnected from a cluster, caching issues prevent it from reconnecting to the server (NPR-32412).

UberJar uber-jar

The UberJar for Experience Manager is available in the Maven Central repository.

To use UberJar in a Maven project, see how to use UberJar and include the following dependency in your project POM:

UberJar and the other related artifacts are available on Maven Central Repository instead of Adobe Public Maven repository ( The main UberJar file is renamed to uber-jar-<version>.jar. So, there is no classifier, with apis as the value, for the dependency tag.