Adobe Experience Manager experience-manager-6530

Adobe Experience Manager is an important release that includes performance, stability, security, and key customer fixes and enhancements released since the general availability of 6.5 release in April 2019. It can be installed on top of Adobe Experience Manager 6.5.

Some key highlights of this Service Pack release are:

  • The built-in repository (Apache Jackrabbit Oak) is updated to version 1.10.6.

  • Experience Manager Assets now supports ZIP archives created using Deflate64 algorithm.

  • New column for created date, which is sortable, has been added in DAM list view and on asset search results in list view.

Sortable column for date created

Assets assets-6530-enhancements

Product Enhancements

  • Experience Manager Assets now supports ZIP archives created using Deflate64 algorithm (NPR-27573).

  • New column for created date, which is sortable, is added in DAM list view and on asset search results in list view (NPR-31312).

  • In the list view, users can sort the list of assets using Name column (NPR-31299).

  • The GLB, GLTF, OBJ, and STL files can be previewed in Asset Details page in DAM (CQ-4282277).

  • ReplicationOnModifyListener event is triggered for chunk nodes during chunk upload in Dynamic Media (CQ-4281279).

  • Dynamic Media now supports Smart Crop video assets. Smart Crop is a machine learning driven feature that re-crops a video while moving the frame to follow the focal point of the scene (CQ-4278995).

  • Dynamic Media supports Smart Imaging (CQ-4222249).

  • Search or browse view is set as the default view in Foundation picker if query parameters are passed in request (NPR-31601).


  • Metadata for some PDF documents is not updated and saved to the PDF when its title is modified (NPR-31629).

  • Asset sharing does not work for an asset that has plus character (+) in the file name (NPR-31547).

  • Edits in the default search form Assets Admin Search Rail do not work as expected (NPR-31502).

  • Suggestions are not displayed when using Omnisearch on assets view for searching assets (NPR-31496).

  • Asset references within collections are not updated when the referenced assets are moved to another location, in cases where the same assets are referenced by different collection by different users (NPR-31486).

  • Duplicate IPTC tags are added to asset metadata (NPR-31328).

  • The search result count does not update accurately when a search is triggered from the filter rail (NPR-31316).

  • All the check boxes are cleared on deselecting the second-level check boxes in the File Type filter, and text in the search bar is not in sync with the selected or deselected properties (NPR-31287).

  • All the members (users/ groups) cannot be removed from the Members section of a folder; on attempting to remove all the users, logged in user gets added to the list (NPR-31171).

  • Assets with plus symbol (+) in the file name cannot be deleted (NPR-31162).

  • Create drop-down menu, which is visible in top menu on selecting a folder, does not show ‘Folder’ as a create option (NPR-30877).

  • Folder selection Create > FileUpload action item is missing when ACL for Deny jcr:removeChildNodes and jcr:removeNode on path are applied for a user (NPR-30840).

  • DAM workflows go into stale state when certain mp4 assets are uploaded, causing all the remaining workflows to go into stale state (NPR-30662).

  • Out of Memory Error is observed when a large PDF files (of several Gigabytes) is uploaded to DAM and its sub-assets are processed (NPR-30614).

  • Bulk movement of assets is failing and displaying warning message (NPR-30610).

  • Asset names are changed to lower case when moving assets from one folder to another in Experience Manager running in Dynamic Media–Scene7 mode (NPR-31630).

  • Error is observed while editing a remote imageset, for the image residing in the folder named same as Scene7 company name (NPR-31340).

  • Dynamic Media assets containing references are not getting published (NPR-31180).

  • Uploads from Dynamic Media7–Scene7 mode to Dynamic Media Classic are taking too long to complete (NPR-31048).

  • Hotspot added to an image asset is not visible through Interactive Image Viewer in asset details page (NPR-30979).

  • Huge sling jobs are created and Processing banner re-appears when actions done on assets in Experience manager Assets are passed to Scene7 (NPR-30947).

  • Conflict occurs on creating Language Copy of assets and assets are not uploaded to Scene7 (NPR-30932).

  • Dynamic renditions downloaded from Experience Manager running in Dynamic Media–Hybrid mode are broken (they are of text type with content ‘unable to find image’ instead of image content type) (NPR-30876).

  • Dynamic Media Encode Video workflow is failing to generate thumbnail for the video that is migrated from Dynamic Media Classic to Dynamic Media–Scene7 mode on Adobe Experience Manager (CQ-4282011).

  • IpsApiException observed while migrating assets from one instance to another using different Scene7 company IDs (CQ-4280548).

  • 3D Asset thumbnail is not informative, when a supported 3D model is ingested into Experience Manager (CQ-4283701).

  • Scroll buttons are displayed in viewer, if a 3D asset has few camera views (CQ-4283322).

  • Incorrect container height of an uploaded 3D model previewed in DimensionalViewer on Asset Details page (CQ-4283309).

  • Videos cannot be played with SmartCropVideoViewer on Internet Explorer 11 and Safari (CQ-4281422).

  • Use of move button to move multiple assets, from one folder to another, fails in Experience Manager running on Dynamic Media–Scene7 runmode (CQ-4280384).

  • Distorted video is seen on asset details when MIME type is other than MP4 (CQ-4279704).

  • Videos newly ingested in folders with video profile remain in processing state even after encode percentage completes to 100% (CQ-4279389).

  • Moving assets from a folder creates large numbers of sling jobs (Scene7 API calls) than ideally required (CQ-4278664).

  • Names of the imageset are changed to lower case in Scene7, when imageset (or mediaset) is created and named with appropriate naming convention in DAM (CQ-4281112).

  • Scene7 Migrator sets publish state incorrectly (CQ-4263492).

  • Touch UI search (done through Omnisearch) results page automatically scrolls up and loses user’s scroll position in Content Fragments (CQ-4282898).

  • PDF files are not indexed and content within is not searchable (CQ-4278916).

  • An error “Group not listed by user picker: expected false to equal true” is observed on adding Closed User Group with different principalName and authorizableId (CQ-4278177).

  • Assets UI Column View is showing all paths regardless of specific tenant’s dam root path (CQ-4278175).

  • Asset selector’s search is not working as expected (CQ-4275886).

  • Rendition Workflows are failing (CQ-4271928).

  • DAM Event Purge deletes the latest (maxSavedActivities) event data and holds the data created earlier (NPR-31336).

  • Touch UI search (done through Omnisearch) results page automatically scrolls up and loses user’s scroll position (NPR-31307).

  • The action bar and asset count are not updating on selecting all and then deselecting some items (folders/individual assets) in Touch UI (NPR-31118).

  • An exception displays in Experience Manager while polling for job details of an Asset (CQ-4283569).


  • If the LiveCopy inheritance is broken, live copy pages display language copy links instead of LiveCopy links (NPR-30980).

  • For a new Blueprint, If the number of records is more than 40, only the first 40 records are displayed. Blueprint displays blank lines for the rest of the records (NPR-31182).

  • When a user adds Japanese or Korean characters in the description property of a menu, the menu displays distorted characters for Japanese and Korean language text (NPR-31331).

  • Rich Text Editor (RTE) does not let you insert an embedded Table as a list item (NPR-30879).

  • Out of the box, scaffolding Rich Text Editor (RTE). applies inline font-size to elements, unexpectedly (NPR-31284).

  • When a user focuses on left rail fields and uses a keyboard shortcut to paste content, it pastes the content of the page editor clipboard instead of the content copied from the left rail fields (NPR-31172).

  • When a user adds a File Upload field to a multi-field, the image path is stored in the component node instead of the multi-field node (NPR-30882).

  • The ResponsiveGridExporter API does not return interface. The package is declared as a private package (NPR-31398).

  • When a page containing some Experience Fragments is opened in non-editor mode (either in Author without the editor.html prefix and wcmmode=disabled, or in Publisher)., the request ends in HTTP status error code 500 (NPR-30743).

  • Users cannot change their password and access their profile page (NPR-31161).

  • When switching from the card view to the list view on a search results page, there is a lag before the page can be scrolled (NPR-31286).

  • The Select All checkbox is hidden in the list view on Sites user interface (NPR-31614).

  • The Select All count on a search result page is incorrect (NPR-31120).

  • The metadata editor displays tags that do not exist (NPR-31119).

Translation translation

  • Two calendar pop-ups appear on selecting the Due Date option in a Translation Job (NPR-31270).


  • The Mime type option in the Web console does not work (NPR-31108).

  • Client certificate is not accepted when configuring single sign-on (NPR-31165).

  • Updates in buffer size configuration for Jetty-based HTTP service are not saved (NPR-30925).

  • QueryBuilder now supports orderby fn:name() in xpath queries (NPR-31322).

  • Duplicate activation tree is created on upgrading from Experience Manager 6.3 (NPR-31513).

  • Forwarded requests do not preserve response headers that are set during sling authentication (NPR-30013).

  • Search within the picker components does not work (NPR-31692).

  • An error is displayed when attaching a ZIP file to an Experience Manager Communities post due to different versions of Apache POI and Apache Tika bundle (NPR-31018).

  • The bundle is hidden in the configuration manager and therefore not available to custom bundles (NPR-31720).


  • Switching calendar views does not work (NPR-31271).

Brand Portal assets-brand-portal-6530

Product Enhancements

  • Asset Sourcing import workflow in Experience Manager Assets is modified to fetch only the newly created assets from Brand Portal to Experience Manager, and skip the assets that already exist in the NEW folder to avoid replication (CQ-4278527).


  • Incorrect icon appears on creating a Contribution folder in Asset Sourcing feature (CQ-4282825).
  • On creating a Contribution folder, one or both subfolders (NEW and SHARED) does not appear inside the Contribution folder (CQ-4282424).
  • System throws an exception if the user tries to republish Contribution folder from Experience Manager to Brand Portal after receiving new assets in the Contribution folder from Brand Portal end (CQ-4279740).
  • Creation of Contribution folder within a Contribution folder (nested folder) is prohibited to avoid complexity (CQ-4278391).
  • System throws an exception on uploading the Brand Portal user list (.csv file) imported from Experience Manager Admin Console. Only Email, FirstName, and LastName fields in the .csv file are mandatory (CQ-4278390).

Communities communities-6530


  • Quick links to manage groups (Open/Edit/Publish/Delete Groups) are not visible to the Community administrators (Group admin/Site admin) (NPR-31627).
  • A submitted blog is not displayed unless the page is manually refreshed/reload (NPR-31599).
  • The JCR query used by the “Mentions” feature is case sensitive and takes too long to return results (NPR-31475).
  • Experience Manager 6.5 UberJar file throws exception, cq-social-translation bundle missing from Experience Manager 6.5 UberJar file (NPR-31186).
  • Jackson Databind libraries updated to version to address new vulnerabilities (NPR-30967).
  • Activities and Notifications titles are inconsistent (NPR-30941).
  • Pagination is not working properly in Communities Blogs (NPR-30914).
  • Analytics reports are not populated in Experience Manager author environment, blank page appears (NPR-30913).

Oak oak

  • Lucene index updates causing author server to slow down (NPR-31548).

Forms forms-6530

Experience Manager Service Pack does not include fixes for Experience Manager Forms. They are delivered using a separate Forms add-on package. In addition, a cumulative installer is released that includes fixes for Experience Manager Forms on JEE. For more information, see Install Experience Manager Forms on JEE.

Forms add-on package forms-add-on-package-6530

Adaptive Forms

  • Strings contain the dictionary key while localizing adaptive forms (NPR-31110).

Interactive Communication

  • MissingNode.toString() returns inaccurate results after upgrading Jackson libraries to 2.10.0 (NPR-31549).

  • Text editor randomly removes space characters from the text copied from Microsoft Word (NPR-31113).

Correspondence Management

  • Captions and tooltips do not display while migrating letters from LiveCycle ES4SP1 to Experience Manager 6.5 (NPR-31615).

  • Textflow formatting is no more supported error message displays while saving letters as drafts (NPR-30463).


  • OSGi workflow fails due to 100% CPU utilization (NPR-31233).

HTML5 Forms

  • Generating HTML5 preview of an XDP form displays a flicker while adding instances of a subform (NPR-30909).

Forms on JEE installer forms-jee-installer-6530

Forms - Document Services

  • SOAP web service using MTOM in a .NET project displays exceptions for AssemblerServiceClient invoke and HtmlToPDF2 methods (NPR-4281771).

  • Security vulnerability 2012-5784 and 2014-3596 found with AXIS 1.4 jar, and fix provided with AXIS1.4.1 jar (NPR-31015).

Foundation JEE

  • Action configuration does not load the process names for Invoke a Forms Workflow submit action (NPR-31478).

Feature Packs Included feature-packs-included-6530

For Experience Manager Forms customers, it is essential to install Experience Manager Forms add-on package after installing any Experience Manager Service Pack, Cumulative Fix Pack, or Feature Pack.

Forms - Foundation JEE forms-foundation-jee-feature

  • Experience Manager Forms support for Oracle 18c (NPR-29155).

UberJar uber-jar

The UberJar for Experience Manager is available in the Maven Central repository.

To use UberJar in a Maven project, see how to use UberJar and include the following dependency in your project POM:

UberJar and the other related artifacts are available on Maven Central Repository instead of Adobe Public Maven repository ( The main UberJar file is renamed to uber-jar-<version>.jar. So, there is no classifier, with apis as the value, for the dependency tag.