Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 Latest Service Pack Release Notes aem-service-pack-release-notes

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Adobe Experience Manager 6.5
Service Pack release
August 25, 2022
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Software Distribution

What is included in Experience Manager what-is-included-in-aem-6514

Experience Manager includes new features, key customer-requested enhancements, bug fixes, and performance, stability, and security improvements, that are released since the initial availability of 6.5 in April 2019. Install this service pack on Experience Manager 6.5.

Assets assets-6514

  • Unable to add or view tags for PDF files. (NPR-38452)
  • When you configure Connected Assets, save the configuration, reopen the configuration page, and test the already saved configuration, the test connection fails. (NPR-38507)
  • Unable to add users with numeric user ID to collections. (NPR-38538)
  • Experience Manager fails to process the FFmpeg installed on the author instance. (NPR-38568)
  • PDF processing fails with a NoClassDefFoundError error message. (NPR-38741)
  • The Add button under Custom Columns does not display correctly while creating an asset report for de_DE locale. (ASSETS-10641)
  • When you upload a duplicate asset to the Digital Asset Management repository and Experience Manager detects and provides an option to delete the duplicate asset, the original asset also gets deleted from the repository. (ASSETS-10826)
  • Experience Manager does not save the folder metadata correctly when you specify special characters in multifields. (ASSETS-10721)
  • Unable to save Asset properties until you click Save & Close twice. (ASSETS-12040)
  • The screen reader only announces the Relate button. However, the Relate button also contains a submenu and can be expanded and collapsed. (ASSETS-6938)
  • Required ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) attributes aria-expanded for role="combo box" is missing. (ASSETS-6928)
  • In Card view, in the main file navigation area, the text content Sort by does not have at least a 4.5:1 contrast ratio against their background color. (ASSETS-6926)
  • Experience Manager does not identify Select a Workflow model dropdown list as a required field while creating a workflow model. (ASSETS-6871)
Smart Content Services will not be available to new Experience Manager Assets On-Premise customers effective September 1, 2022. No impact to existing On-Premise and Adobe Managed Services customers who already have this capability enabled.

Dynamic Media dynamic-media-6514

  • Add support for password reset for Dynamic Media Classic user within Experience Manager. (ASSETS-10298)
  • Smart Crops generated for the images with transparent background have white background. (ASSETS-13148)
  • Dynamic Media do not generate thumbnails for EPS files. (ASSETS-10959)
  • Assets not getting uploaded to Dynamic Media account because of missing upload parameter. (ASSETS-13165)
  • Allow assets with names greater than 127 characters to be uploaded into Dynamic Media. (ASSETS-9991)
  • Enablement of JavaScript ES6 (ECMAScript 6) for Dynamic Media Viewers on Experience Manager (NPR-38393)
  • Configuring the options in Dynamic Media General Settings and Publish Setup should not be accessible by non-administrator users. (ASSETS-8628)
  • Dynamic Media General settings page does not show the already configured upload parameters correctly. (ASSETS-10245)
  • Experience Manager user interface does not show any failure message in case set creation/update fails. (ASSETS-10264)
  • Unable to apply a saved policy to one of the containers of an editable template to let you add Dynamic Media components. (ASSETS-11044)
  • Assets not getting uploaded to Dynamic Media account after running the Dynamic Media Reprocess Assets workflow on assets with incorrect job handle. (ASSETS-12084, ASSETS-9877)
  • Screen reader users are impacted by the title attribute not being provided for <frame> and <iframe> in the Type to Search dialog box. (ASSETS-5483)
  • In screen readers, related and meaningful alt= value should be provided for multiple images that are present under Assets heading in the left pane. (ASSETS-5644)
  • Screen reader does not read Mute and Unmute button on video using Dynamic Media component. (ASSETS-10169)

Commerce commerce-6514

  • Commerce products are not getting sorted using the column header and it is using remote sort mode; instead, Commerce products should be getting sorted using column headers with local sort mode. (CQ-4343750, NPR-38498)

Forms forms-6514

  • When a file is attached to a multi-panel adaptive form and a draft of the adaptive form is saved, an error occurs. (NPR-38978)
  • When a user converts RGB profile to CMYK profile using createPDF2 Java API with AdobePDF settings, the option does not work with Java API. The option works fine with standalone DistillerClient application. (NPR-38858, CQ-4346181)
  • After installing AEM 6.5 Forms service pack 12 (, all the options except to close the task become unavailable in Assign Task step of AEM Workflows. (NPR-38743)
  • In a Document of Record (DoR), some values in a table are truncated. (NPR-38657)
  • While previewing FormSet with Data XML, when the XDP contains a floating field, on previewing a FormSet, no data is displayed, but data is displayed when the Preview PDF option is used.
  • In Adaptive Forms, radio button and checkbox are not in tab order. (NPR-38645)
  • When you use the Summary Step to generate Document of Record (DoR) for a translated Adaptive Form after submission form, is not translated to localized language. (NPR-38567)
  • The disable retry option in AEM Workflow steps is not working as expected. The issue appears intermittently. (NPR-38547)
  • When Adaptive Form is submitted with Rich text field, the an Internal Error while Submitting a Form error occur. When the user brings focus on the rich text field, prior to form submission, the error does not occur. (NPR-38542)
  • An error sling-default-3-AdobeSignRefreshTokenScheduleJob Refresh Token not present for: /conf/gws-eform/cashlite/settings/cloudconfigs/fdm/cashlite/jcr:content occurs is logged. (NPR-38541)
  • When a user uploads a PDF to an Adaptive Form, the AEM Forms server becomes unresponsive. (NPR-38398)
  • On an AEM Forms on OSGi server, when you use Document Service API to certify PDF, it fails with error: com.adobe.fd.signatures.truststore.errors.exception.CredentialRetrievalException: AEM-DSS-311. (CQ-4346252)
  • On submitting the draft letters, the Could not upload asset from xml input error occurs. It has no impact on functionality. One opening a draft, the letter is rendered correctly. (CQ-4345979, CQ-4344418)
  • When a date is entered in German format and the Preview with Data option is used for a letter, the Date field is not rendered. (CQ-4345783)
  • When you build a web portal and generate the barcodes based on data, some barcodes are not decoded correctly. (CQ-4345743)
  • Postscript conversion to the PDF does not rendered output document with expected colors. (CQ-4345074)
  • Resource resolver causes intermittent submission failures and results in same stack trace to appear multiple times for a single submission. (CQ-4344764)
  • Users cannot open the modified draft letters that use the cmDataUrl parameter. The drafts opens fine for the first time. The issues starts appearing on subsequent tries. (CQ-4344418)
  • When user enters the & symbol in an Interactive Communication (IC), the draft of corresponding IC fails to load. (CQ-4343969)
  • When you use style options in AEM Forms Designer to generate PCL files, the specified style is not applied to generated files. (CQ-4339573)
  • When page count is more than 15, automated conversion of dynamic XDP forms to Adaptive Form fails. This works fine when page count is less than 15. (NPR-35337)
  • When the Add to Favorites option is used, it does not indicate the status of the toggle to the screen reader. (NPR-37137)
  • In Form Data Model, the values after decimal in database backed Form Data Model are truncated for money and small money data type. (CQDOC-19509)
  • When you select a navigation link for workflow in HTML Workspace, it is not indicated that the navigation link is selected. (NPR-37138)
  • Scribble Signature feature is not compatible to accessibility guidelines. (NPR-37596)
  • AEM Forms uses log4j 1.x. Support for log4j 1.x has reached end of life. (NPR-38273)
  • When you use MSSQL database as a data source in a Form Data Model and retrieve values, numbers after the decimal in the retrieve values are truncated. (CQ-4346190)
  • In Forms 6.5 Designer, when you open a form created with Forms 6.1 Designer and edit a textbox, paragraph spacing exceeds the specified space. All previous settings to the space are removed and manual reformatting of the text box is required. (CQ-4341899)
  • Incorrect value is displayed for barcode SSCC-18. Forms servers omit the value on the right part of the barcode. (CQ-4342400)
  • For static PDF forms that are created with Forms 6.5 Designer, PDF accessibility fails with error Tab order entry in page with annotations not set to "S". (CQ-4343117)
  • Added ability to specify Screen Reader Text for Hyperlinks in Forms Designer.(NPR-36221)
  • When you add repeatable panel to a non-XFA adaptive form and count of the repeatable panels in a non-XFA form is more than 15, adding a new instance can take up to 7-8 seconds. (NPR-37346)

Integrations integrations-6514

  • Enable JavaScript ES6 (ECMAScript6 mode or better) compilation support for the minification of the /libs/cq/analytics/widgets.js library. (NPR-38433)
  • Enable JavaScript ES6 (ESMAScript6 mode or better) compilation support for the minification of the /libs/cq/testandtarget/clientlibs/testandtarget/util.js library. (NPR-38435)
  • The more content there is in /content/campaigns, the longer the call to targeteditor.html (/libs/cq/personalization/touch-ui/content/targeteditor.html) takes when you open the Page Editor. (NPR-38663)

Platform platform-6514

  • Unable to log on to Package Manager to deploy updates. (NPR-38646)
  • In the assets tag picker user interface, tags appear in the order they were created. However, when there are many tags, viewing and managing the tags is difficult because they cannot be sorted. (CQ-4344279)
  • Create a notification in the user interface when a user being impersonated by an administrator or anyone else using the Impersonate as field. (CQ-4345288)
  • In a Smart Collection, all assets were being shown when filtering using a saved search. (CQ-4345326)
  • An incorrect selected assets count is shown for Add to collection when Select All is selected. (CQ-4345424)
  • An exception message occurred when using the Impersonate as field with a group or non-existent user. (CQ-4346098)

Sites sites-6514

Accessibility access-6514

  • In Experience Manager Sites, when you expand the Switch display format and adjust display setting button, then select List View, the Drag and Drop button is missing an accessible name. (SITES-2863, NPR-38760)
  • Screen reader must announce the accessible name such as Show description for Archive or Show description for mini shopping cart. However, the current accessible name is announced as Info Circle button show description for all the tooltip information buttons. (SITES-3104)
  • Improve undo for components that do not have inlineEditing or dropTarget feature in cq:editConfig. (NPR-38361)
  • The Style System drop-down may have been positioned at the top of the page instead of in-context of the component - for components that use cq:editConfig “afteredit: REFRESH_PAGE”. (NPR-38384)
  • Text component is misaligned when added to nested Layout Containers. (NPR-38193)
  • An empty style tab was displayed when there was no Style System configuration for a component. The tab is now hidden when no configuration is present. (NPR-38218)
  • The property useLegacyResponsiveBehaviour works only when authenticated. (NPR-37996)

Content Fragments sites-contentfragments-6514

  • Content Fragments enumeration field validation issue the first time that the content fragment is loaded. (SITES-7140)
  • Need to add Campaign personalization fields in the Rich Text Editor of the Content Fragments editor. (NPR-38526)
  • When creating or editing a new content fragment in the Content Fragment editor, by way of the Dispatcher, the content fragment model is not saved. Furthermore, the Content Fragment editor is not closed, and an error is displayed in the browser log. (NPR-38691)
  • Persistent query validation error. (NPR-38523)
  • In the Content Fragment dialog box, under Properties, the Content Fragment field does not retain the saved path in the selection pop-up. (NPR-38632)
  • When you create a content fragment model and add an enumeration field of the drop-down type, the correct validation for is required fails. (NPR-38237)

Core Components sites-corecomponents-6514

  • The new Page Email component should not force you into the classic user interface while editing /etc. (NPR-38648)

Page Editor sites-pageeditor-6514

  • The user is not able to resize the component to the desired number of columns. (NPR-38688)

Template Editor sites-templateeditor-6514

  • Missing Delete and Cut buttons on the Menu bar in an editable template after a cq:actions property was customized. (NPR-38521)
  • If a component includes another component, it is not possible to delete the component within the template structure because the Delete button is missing from the Menu bar. (NPR-38585)

Sling sling-6514

  • An increase in the number of open files on production was experienced due to a memory leak in module DiscoveryLiteDescriptor in, version 1.0.20. (NPR-38288)
  • In Experience Manager, from Operations > Diagnosis, you experience an error when you select Download Status ZIP > Download. (NPR-38514)

Translation projects translation-6514

  • Launch for subpages that were added as a reference in a parent page were not getting promoted when the isDeep property was set to false. (NPR-38531)

User interface ui-6514

  • When using Select All > Quick Publish, Experience Manager was not publishing all the assets or showing how many assets would be published in Card view or List view. (NPR-38546)
  • Incorrect selected assets count is shown for Add to collection in Select All case. (NPR-38633)
  • Disabled users can still be added to Collections and Projects. (NPR-38651)
  • Deleting a filter without saving the Search Form creates an error. (NPR-38698)
  • A user’s session cannot obtain a ModifiableValueMap instance for the groups to establish the direct group membership. (NPR-38710)

Workflow workflow-6514

  • Enable JavaScript ES6 (ESMAScript6 mode or better) compilation support for the minification of the /libs/cq/inbox/gui/components/inbox/clientlibs/commons.js library. (NPR-38304)
  • After the workflow runs and the process steps are complete, the same comment is repeated multiple times. (NPR-38364)

Install Experience Manager install

  • Experience Manager requires Experience Manager 6.5. See upgrade documentation for detailed instructions.
  • The service pack download is available on Adobe Software Distribution.
  • On a deployment with MongoDB and multiple instances, install Experience Manager on one of the Author instances using the Package Manager.
Adobe does not recommend that you remove or uninstall the Experience Manager package. As such, before you install the service pack, you should create a backup of the crx-repository in case you need to roll it back.

Install the service pack on Experience Manager 6.5 install-service-pack

  1. Restart the instance before installation if the instance is in update mode (when the instance was updated from an earlier version). Adobe recommends a restart if the current uptime for an instance is high.

  2. Before installing, take a snapshot or a fresh backup of your Experience Manager instance.

  3. Download the service pack from Software Distribution.

  4. Open Package Manager, then select Upload Package to upload the package. To know more, see Package Manager.

  5. Select the package, then select Install.

  6. To update the S3 connector, stop the instance after installation of the Service Pack, replace the existing connector with a new binary file provided in the install folder, and restart the instance. See Amazon S3 Data Store.

Dialog on Package Manager UI sometimes exits during the installation of the service pack. Adobe recommends that you wait for error logs to stabilize before accessing the deployment. Wait for the specific logs related to the uninstall of the updater bundle before being assured that the installations is successful. Typically, this issue occurs in Safari browser but can intermittently occur on any browser.

Automatic installation

There are two different methods that you can use to automatically install Experience Manager

  • Place the package into ../crx-quickstart/install folder when the server is available online. The package is automatically installed.
  • Use the HTTP API from Package Manager. Use cmd=install&recursive=true so that the nested packages are installed.
Experience Manager does not support Bootstrap installation.

Validate the installation

To know the platforms that are certified to work with this release, see the technical requirements.

  1. The product information page (/system/console/productinfo) displays the updated version string Adobe Experience Manager ( under Installed Products.

  2. All OSGi bundles are either ACTIVE or FRAGMENT in the OSGi Console (Use Web Console: /system/console/bundles).

  3. The OSGi bundle org.apache.jackrabbit.oak-core is version 1.22.12 or later (Use Web Console: /system/console/bundles).

Install Experience Manager Forms add-on package install-aem-forms-add-on-package

Skip if you are not using Experience Manager Forms.
  1. Ensure that you have installed the Experience Manager Service Pack.
  2. Download the corresponding Forms add-on package listed at AEM Forms releases for your operating system.
  3. Install the Forms add-on package as described in Installing AEM Forms add-on packages.
  4. If you use letters in Experience Manager 6.5 Forms, install the latest AEMFD Compatibility package.

Install Experience Manager Forms on JEE install-aem-forms-jee-installer

Skip if you are not using AEM Forms on JEE. Fixes in Experience Manager Forms on JEE are delivered through a separate installer.

For information about installing the cumulative installer for Experience Manager Forms on JEE and post-deployment configuration, see the release notes.

After installing the cumulative installer for Experience Manager Forms on JEE, install the latest Forms add-on package, delete the Forms add-on package from the crx-repository\install folder, and restart the server.

UberJar uber-jar

The UberJar for Experience Manager is available in the Maven Central repository.

In Experience Manager, the UberJar version ( remains the same as the previous release.

To use UberJar in a Maven project, see how to use UberJar and include the following dependency in your project POM:

UberJar and the other related artifacts are available on Maven Central Repository instead of Adobe Public Maven repository ( The main UberJar file is renamed to uber-jar-<version>.jar. So, there is no classifier, with apis as the value, for the dependency tag.

Deprecated and removed features removed-deprecated-features

See Deprecated and removed features.

Known issues known-issues

  • AEM Content Fragment with GraphQL Index Package 1.0.5
    This package is needed for customers using GraphQL; this enables them to add the required index definition based on the features they actually use.

  • When trying to move/delete/publish either Content Fragments or Sites/Pages, there is an issue when Content Fragment references are fetched, as the background query fails; that is, the functionality does not work.
    To ensure correct operation, you must add the following properties to the index definition node /oak:index/damAssetLucene (no reindexing is required):

    code language-xml
    "tags": [
    "refresh": true
  • As Microsoft® Windows Server 2019 does not support MySQL 5.7 and JBoss® EAP 7.1, Microsoft® Windows Server 2019 does not support turnkey installations for AEM Forms

  • If you upgrade your Experience Manager instance from 6.5.0 - 6.5.4 to the latest service pack on Java 11, you see RRD4JReporter exceptions in the error.log file. To stop the exceptions, restart your instance of Experience Manager.

  • The deprecated /oak:index/lucene index can cause a FileNotFoundException which sends the indexing into an endless loop .The workaround is to add the system property oak.indexTracker.autoRefresh to 3153600000000, as follows, when starting AEM:

    • java -Doak.indexTracker.autoRefresh=3153600000000
  • Users can rename a folder in a hierarchy in Assets and publish a nested folder to Brand Portal. However, the title of the folder is not updated in Brand Portal until the root folder is republished.

  • When a user selects to configure a field for the first time in an adaptive form, the option to save a configuration does not display in Properties Browser. Selecting to configure some other field of the adaptive form in the same editor resolves the issue.

  • The following errors and warning messages may display during installation of Experience Manager 6.5.x.x:

    • "When the Adobe Target integration is configured in Experience Manager using the Target Standard API (IMS authentication), then exporting Experience Fragments to Target results in wrong offer types getting created. Instead of type “Experience Fragment”/source “Adobe Experience Manager,” Target creates several offers with type “HTML”/source “Adobe Target Classic.”
    • com.adobe.granite.maintenance.impl.TaskScheduler: No maintenance windows found at granite/operations/maintenance.
    • Adaptive Form server-side validation fails when aggregate functions such as SUM, MAX, and MIN are used (CQ-4274424).
    • com.adobe.granite.maintenance.impl.TaskScheduler - No maintenance windows found at granite/operations/maintenance.
    • Hotspot in a Dynamic Media interactive image is not visible when previewing the asset through Shoppable Banner viewer.
    • bundle (395)[] : Timeout waiting for register change to complete unregistered.

Known issues for AEM Forms

  • (AEM Forms on JEE Only) The PDF Generator service fails to enumerate the fonts available on the server. Consequently, the font selection panel on the Adobe PDF Settings page in the PDFG Admin UI remains empty, effectively preventing (un)embedding of chosen fonts. (FORMS-12095)

OSGi bundles and content packages included osgi-bundles-and-content-packages-included

The following text documents list the OSGi bundles and Content Packages included in Experience Manager

Restricted websites restricted-sites

These websites are only available to customers. If you are a customer and need access, contact your Adobe account manager.