Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 Latest Service Pack Release Notes aem-service-pack-release-notes

Release information release-information

Adobe Experience Manager 6.5
Service Pack release
May 26, 2022
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Software Distribution

What is included in Experience Manager what-is-included-in-aem

Experience Manager includes new features, key customer-requested enhancements, and performance, stability, and security improvements, that are released since the initial availability of 6.5 in April 2019. Install this service pack on Experience Manager 6.5.

The key features and enhancements introduced in Adobe Experience Manager are:

  • Use invisible CAPTCHA in an adaptive form: You can now use an invisible CAPTCHA to show the CAPTCHA challenge only if there is suspicious activity. If no suspicious activity is found, the CAPTCHA challenge is not displayed. It helps assess human form completion without checkbox requirements, reduce customization efforts, and improve the end-user experience. (NPR-38500)

  • Added support to fetch response headers in Form Data Model post processor for REST endpoints. (NPR-38275)

  • Now, on generating an Adaptive Form translation file, the same sequence of texts the generated XLIFF file is identical to the sequence of components in the corresponding Adaptive Form. (NPR-37700)

  • When you localize an Adaptive Form and make even a small change made to text of the base language, the complete translation goes missing for all the other languages. The issue is fixed in Experience Manager (NPR-37189)

  • Accessibility improvements for Forms:

    • Added support for screen readers to recognize header and body of a table as continues and connected entities. It helps screen readers navigate the tables properly. (NPR-37139)
    • Added support for screen readers to stop navigating HTML workspace until a dialog is open. (NPR-37134)

The following bug fixes, key features, and enhancements were introduced in Experience Manager

Assets assets-6513

  • When trying to edit a read-only dropdown field, the dropdown value gets reset to empty. (NPR-38389)

  • The user is not able to ingest a video (.mp4) asset if there is no audio in the video file. The DAM Update Asset workflow fails and reflects an error message. (NPR-38116)

  • When using the Move Asset Wizard to move a folder containing assets, the workflow fails and reflects an error message. (NPR-38061)

  • FFmpeg transcoding workflow failing for FLV Video profile. (CQ-4343249)

  • After updating to Experience Manager 6.5 SP10, the asset metadata editor is not working properly. (CQ-4341359)

  • When opening a Smart Collection which is saved with the search filter applied as Publish, the search filter automatically changes to Unpublished. (CQ-4341191)

  • When switching language in User Preference, the label Sort By, drop-down button, and other options within the sort options on the Asset homepage are not reflected in the selected language. (CQ-4339306)

  • When adding a rule to a drop-down field in Metadata Schema, the Dependent On list does not reflect the field label of the drop-down. (ASSETS-9442)

  • Assets Metadata disabled drop-down not retaining values. (ASSETS-8918)

  • When viewing the asset using More Details option in Column view, incorrect annotations are displayed. (ASSETS-8851)

  • When creating a duplicate asset with a different version, the renditions are not generated. (ASSETS-8607)

  • A non-admin user is able to publish an asset that is already checked out by another user. (NPR-38128)

  • Dimensional viewer is not functional on Chrome 97. (CQ-4340456)

  • Asset download button does not show complete menu on the asset Details page. (CQ-4336703)

  • When using Link Share, some of the strings in the link sharing window are not localized. (CQ-4330540)

  • When adding items in Manage Publication, the string that reflects the count of selected items is not localized. (CQ-4330491)

Dynamic Media dynamic-media-6513

  • Token based secure preview for Dynamic Media assets on AEM Authors. (ASSETS-4995)
  • When creating an Image Preset for Dynamic Media in Experience Manager, the allowed maximum is limited to 2000x2000 pixels in the user interface. When the value is increased to 2001 pixels for either width or height, the Save button is deactivated. (ASSETS-5691)
  • User can prevent certain file formats from getting uploaded to Dynamic Media. (ASSETS-5693)
  • Accessibility - Visually challenged users who rely on screen readers are getting impacted if the Alt attribute is not implemented on an image on Image presets user interface. (ASSETS-9817)
  • Accessibility - Screen readers are getting impacted as screen readers narrate unlabeled image for the images present in the “Timeline segment” and in the “Actions” tab, when navigated to in the down arrow mode. (ASSETS-5651)
  • Accessibility - Screen readers are getting impacted as Screen readers (NVDA/JAWS) do not narrate the Descriptive name (Send Email) for the “Send Email” button in the “EmailLink” dialog box in Video player, while navigating using (Browse/Cursor) modes. (ASSETS-5641)
  • Accessibility - Keyboard focus is not moving to the “Redo” button which appears after invoking the “Undo” button in the Image Set Editor page, while navigating using the TAB key on the keyboard. (ASSETS-5582)
  • Accessibility - Users who rely on screen readers are getting impacted as the Alt attribute is not provided for an Image Set image which is present under the Properties heading. (ASSETS-5576)
  • Accessibility - Screen readers are not narrating the heading role for Cannot save this set text in the Cannot save this set alert, while navigating using heading shortcut key H, and Down Arrow key. (ASSETS-5569)
  • Accessibility - Users who rely on screen readers are getting impacted to navigate through the forms. They find difficulties understanding the information about the form controls if NVDA is not narrating the label information for the “Width and height” spin controls. These controls that are present under the Responsive Image Crop header while navigating in NVDA form mode ‘F’. (ASSETS-5393)
  • After adding a Dynamic Media component on a site and after publishing the page, the newly added Dynamic Media asset is not visible on the published page, nor it is viewable in the Preview page. This issue occurred for both image and video asset types. (ASSETS-9467)

Commerce commerce-6513

  • “everyone” has jcr:write on /content/usergenerated/etc/commerce/smartlists. (NPR-35230)
  • Local sorting of Commerce Products does not work anymore. (CQ-4343750)
  • Unable to Quick Publish a product from search results page after changing properties. (CQ-4343318)

CRX crx-6513

  • Not possible to download a package if it has the special character + in the package name. (NPR-38102)

Forms forms-65130

  • The Radio button, Checkbox, and File Upload components are not correctly translated from German language to English language. (NPR-38527)

  • The PDF417 barcode encoding produced by Experience Manager Forms is invalid for a radio button group. (NPR-38525)

  • The following error occurs on submitting an Adaptive Form.
    WARN [ [1650871578492] POST /lc/content/forms/af/public/DHS-3754-ENG/jcr:content/ HTTP/1.1] TemplateKey not found in merge json:cq:responsive (NPR-38520)

  • The Exclude hidden fields from Document of Record option does not work. (NPR-38512)

  • After adding Forms Container component to a Sites page, users are unable to traverse to a different Sites page and Sites page hangs on some occasions. The issue appears intermittently. (NPR-38506)

  • Users experience overlapping text in Adaptive Forms after applying Experience Manager 6.5 Service Pack 11. (NPR-38376, CQ-4342472)

  • Users encounter an exception on moving adaptive form panels to new responsive layout. (NPR-38369)

  • ECMASCRIPT 6 (ES6) support is not enabled for the client library /libs/fd/expeditor/clientlibs/view. (NPR-38358)

  • When you use an Experience Manager Workflow to send an email in Hebrew language, the email received at user’s end contains question marks (??) instead of Hebrew language text (NPR-38296).

  • Users are randomly logged out of Experience Manager Publish instances and an Adaptive Form fails to submit. The issue appears on Experience Manager instances that use Dispatcher. (NPR-38285)

  • When you use the getFormDataString option in an Adobe Launch’s rule to capture the Adaptive Form data, the option does not return Adaptive Forms data. (NPR-38283)

  • Experience Manager 6.5 Forms deprecated java.acl.Group-related API and the following error messages appear in error.log file:
    *WARN* [default task-36] use of deprecated java.acl.Group-related API - this method is going to be removed in future Oak releases - see OAK-7358 for details (NPR-38282)

  • Forms created in German language fail to translate to English or any other language. (NPR-38280)

  • When you use a localized version of an Adaptive form, the corresponding Document of Record (DoR) is not localized. (NPR-38235)

  • When you use the Send Email step to send an attachment along with email, the attachment does not retain name specified in the Workflow step. (NPR-38216)

  • When a new version of the letter is published, users unable to open the draft letters for previous versions of the letters. (NPR-38215, CQ-4342515)

  • On invoking an AEM Forms JEE service SOAP end-point service method on a button click configured as an Adaptive Form rule, the SOAP service fails with below exception:
    ERROR* [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 [1624362360493] POST /content/forms/af/testsoapwsdl/jcr:content/ HTTP/1.1] expeditor.servlet.ExpEditorServiceManager Error while making web service related call java.lang.Exception: createSOAPParam: JSONException

  • On using to convert a PDF to XDP format, an invalid XDP file is returned. (NPR-38140, CQ-4342099)

  • When multiple users use Correspondence Management to generate different letters, on preview, a wrong letter is displayed to some users. (NPR-38134)

  • AEM Forms component embedded in the SITES page uses the width attribute that has value in % and is not valid as per W3C HTML validation. Users encounter bad parsing error during HTML validation. (NPR-38124)

  • Radio button and checkbox items for most of the out-of-the-box themes in adaptive forms are not part of the tabbing order (NPR-38108)

  • When a user adds HTML tags to the comment section while executing a workflow, the HTML tags are rendered. (NPR-37591)

  • On importing and publishing a letter that includes a new XDP file, the letters fail to preview on the Publish instance. However, if the letters are imported and published a second time using the same CMP file the letters are previewed successfully. (CQ-4343599)

  • A form with the Prepare data process property set fails to render in HTML Workspace. (CQ-4343294)

  • Unable to convert an Image to PDF using the PDFG service with OCR, after applying the AEMForms-6.5.0-0038 (log4jv2.16) patch. (CQ-4342450)

  • Unable to import a Microsoft® Word file to Forms Designer. User encounters error Word (version XP or onwards) could not be found on the machine. (CQ-4342146)

  • User is unable to set custom time in Job Purge Scheduler. (CQ-4339192)

  • User is unable to update any configuration under endpoint management UI and encounter error Uncaught ReferenceError: updateEndpoint_required is not defined. (CQ-4331523)

  • For invalid tags, graceful handling of error message is not working as expected. (NPR-38106 and CQ-4337173)

  • Experience Manager Forms releases the add-on packages one week after the scheduled Experience Manager Service Pack release date.

Granite granite-6513

  • Omnisearch returns result for users without read rights. (NPR-38373)
  • Enable ES6 for /libs/granite/configurations/clientlibs/confbrowser. (NPR-38300)

Integrations integrations-6513

  • Leak of resource resolver sessions on Test and Target service from deprecated UserInfoServlet. (NPR-38112)

Oak - Indexing and Queries oak-6513

  • The Oak version for is now updated to 1.22.11. (NPR-38084)

Platform platform-6513

  • Upgrade dependency of org.apache.httpcomponents.httpclient in Experience Manager 6.5. (NPR-37999)
  • High Author load due to path field suggestions. (CQ-4341826)
  • User must refresh the page when they change the project from Card view to Calendar view. (CQ-4340368)
  • Tags are lost due to permissions restrictions. (CQ-4339543)
  • Multiple issues reported with Search and Filter in Path Selection not working. (CQ-4339402)
  • Stop using DTM on 6.5 - switch to Launch for Omega Instrumentation and add Gainsight support. (CQ-4337809)
  • Restrict pathfield component search function based on the pathfield filter property that is set. (CQ-4309556)
  • Experience Manager Platform 6.5: Chinese Locale Naming Fixes. (CQ-4308978)
  • Switch to Launch for Omega Instrumentation. (NPR-38377)
  • Experience Manager Platform 6.5: Chinese locale-naming fixes. (CQ-4308978)

Replication replication-6513

  • Publishing of user Node Failing from Author to Publisher. (NPR-38005)

Sites sites-6513

Admin sites-admin-6513

  • Fix regression introduced with SP 12 that might have caused an issue when moving pages. (SITES-5298)

Classic User Interface sites-classicui-6513

  • RTE: Updated image is not visible when a new image is dragged on top of an existing image. (NPR-38141)

Content Fragments sites-contentfragments-6513

  • Support creating Content Fragment Models in Sub-configurations. (NPR-38054)
  • Improve performance when using the ‘Unique field’ validation in Content Fragment Model. (NPR-38142)
  • Improve response-time when opening Content Fragment Model Editor. Customers with numerous fragments in Assets might have seen errors when opening. (SITES-6284)
  • Fix regression introduced when updating from 6.5.11 to 6.5.12 that might have caused Content Fragment Model Editor errors. (SITES-5088 and SITES-4967)
  • Improve localization of the Content Fragment Model Editor user interface. (NPR-38126)
  • Fix issue that closing the Content Fragment Editor may cause an error when Author server is used with Dispatcher. (NPR-38205)
  • Fix issue that saving a model was not possible when validation was used on a RTE field. (NPR-38210)
  • Content Fragment issue with the boolean property not showing Field Text in “title” rather showing ‘Property Name’. (NPR-38244)
  • Error while running persisted query with query variable by way of Postman. (NPR-38251, NPR-38057)
  • Content Fragment Component: Regression in ‘handle headings as paragraphs’ option fixed that was 6.5 SP7. (NPR-38055)
  • Fix regression introduced in 6.5.11 that may have caused asset search errors. (SITES-4784)
  • Using Edit from the search results could result in a Not Found error. (NPR-37810)

ContentHub sites-contenthub-6513

  • Context hub UI models are not rendering properly without a hard page refresh. (NPR-38212)

E-mail Editor sites-emaileditor-6513

Experience Fragments sites-experiencefragments-6513

  • When using the Navigate to Page action in the References for an Experience Fragment, it opens the wrong page. (NPR-38062)
  • Layout properties coming from XF Template not observed in side of a Page. (NPR-38214)
  • Improved performance of XF reference calculation. (NPR-38269)

Page Editor sites-pageeditor-6513

  • Improve undo for components that do not have inlineEditing or dropTarget feature in cq:editConfig. (NPR-38361)
  • The Style System drop-down might have been positioned on the top of the page instead of in-context of the component - for components that use cq:editConfig “afteredit: REFRESH_PAGE”. This issue is now resolved. (NPR-38384)
  • Text component is misaligned when added to nested Layout Containers. (NPR-38193)
  • An empty style tab was displayed when there was no Style System config for a component; the tab is now hidden when no config is present. (NPR-38218)
  • The property useLegacyResponsiveBehaviour works only when authenticated. (NPR-37996)
  • Upgrading jquery-ui to latest version resulted in the breaking of the Editor. (SITES-5647)

Security sites-security-6513

  • The User Group Management user interface sometimes failed to remove users, particularly in groups with +20 users. (NPR-38041)

SEO sites-seo-6513

  • Sitemap Generator and Canonical tag add support for URLs without .html. (CIF-2647)
  • Add support for removing alternative languages using the noindex configuration. (CIF-2496)
  • Add support to provide custom URL to overwrite the default canonical URL for pages that have near identical content. (CIF-2747)

SPA Editor and SDK sites-spa-sdk-6513

  • Starting 6.5.13, you no longer must create the container component node in JCR before making edits by way of the SPA Editor. A virtual container is created before saving it by way of the SDK. (SITES-5762)

Template Editor sites-templateeditor-6513

  • Fix regression that publishing a changed template was not publishing all dependencies. (NPR-38274)
  • TemplatedResource valueMap should allow deep reads as per ValueMap API. (NPR-38439)

Sling sling-6513

  • Update sling-javax.activation bundle with fix of SLING-8777. (NPR-38077)

Translation projects translation-6513

  • Multiple launches getting created for referenced pages/xf. (NPR-38263)
  • Changed behavior of adding pages to translation projects since Service Pack 10. The translation project does not contain a newly created page [ex: test-page-women-2] on the list, when selected parent of the newly created page [not the newly created page directly]. (NPR-38256)
  • Add cq:isTranslationLaunch property in Launches created by Translation Project. (NPR-38224)
  • Launch is getting created for a page having a referenced XF which has an asset in it. (NPR-38199)
  • Experience Manager update translation memory does not work. (NPR-38196)
  • Enable ES6 for /libs/cq/gui/components/projects/admin/translation/job/addcontent/clientlibs.js. (NPR-38306)
  • Latest 18n package for translations for Experience Manager 6.5. (CQ-4339505)

User interface ui-6513

  • Update to favicon.ico that is used in Experience Manager. (CQ-4315324)
  • When you are on start page > Tools section and click the Experience Manager icon, the Experience Manager Navigation screen should pop up. (NPR-38417)
  • Enable ES6 for /libs/granite/ui/references/clientlibs/coral/references. (NPR-38303)
  • Enable ES6 for /libs/granite/datavisualization/clientlibs/d3-3.x. (NPR-38302)
  • Date picker in touch UI displays in Korean. (NPR-38079)
  • Authoring dialog with multifields, upon reordering the fields loosing the radio button selection value. (NPR-38063)

WCM wcm-6513

  • Experience Manager MCM (Campaign) 6.5: Chinese Locale Naming Fixes. (CQ-4308973)
  • Unclosed ResourceResolver in (NPR-38286)

Install Experience Manager install

  • Experience Manager requires Experience Manager 6.5. See upgrade documentation for detailed instructions.
  • The service pack download is available on Adobe Software Distribution.
  • On a deployment with MongoDB and multiple instances, install Experience Manager on one of the Author instances using the Package Manager.
Adobe does not recommend removing or uninstalling the Experience Manager package.

Install the service pack on Experience Manager 6.5 install-service-pack

  1. Restart the instance before installation if the instance is in update mode (when the instance was updated from an earlier version). Adobe recommends a restart if the current uptime for an instance is high.

  2. Before installing, take a snapshot or a fresh backup of your Experience Manager instance.

  3. Download the service pack from Software Distribution.

  4. Open Package Manager and click Upload Package to upload the package. To know more, see Package Manager.

  5. Select the package and click Install.

  6. To update the S3 connector, stop the instance after installation of the Service Pack, replace the existing connector with a new binary file provided in the install folder, and restart the instance. See Amazon S3 Data Store.

Dialog on Package Manager UI sometimes exits during the installation of the service pack. Adobe recommends that you wait for error logs to stabilize before accessing the deployment. Wait for the specific logs related to the uninstall of the updater bundle before being assured that the installations is successful. Typically, this issue occurs in Safari browser but can intermittently occur on any browser.

Automatic installation

There are two different methods that you can use to automatically install Experience Manager

  • Place the package into ../crx-quickstart/install folder when the server is available online. The package is automatically installed.
  • Use the HTTP API from Package Manager. Use cmd=install&recursive=true so that the nested packages are installed.
Experience Manager does not support Bootstrap installation.

Validate the installation

To know the platforms that are certified to work with this release, see the technical requirements.

  1. The product information page (/system/console/productinfo) displays the updated version string Adobe Experience Manager ( under Installed Products.

  2. All OSGi bundles are either ACTIVE or FRAGMENT in the OSGi Console (Use Web Console: /system/console/bundles).

  3. The OSGi bundle org.apache.jackrabbit.oak-core is version 1.22.11 or later (Use Web Console: /system/console/bundles).

Install Experience Manager Forms add-on package install-aem-forms-add-on-package

Skip if you are not using Experience Manager Forms. Fixes in Experience Manager Forms are delivered through a separate add-on package a week after the scheduled Experience Manager Service Pack release.
  1. Ensure that you have installed the Experience Manager Service Pack.
  2. Download the corresponding Forms add-on package listed at AEM Forms releases for your operating system.
  3. Install the Forms add-on package as described in Installing AEM Forms add-on packages.
  4. If you use letters in Experience Manager 6.5 Forms, install the latest AEMFD Compatibility package.

Install Experience Manager Forms on JEE install-aem-forms-jee-installer

Skip if you are not using AEM Forms on JEE. Fixes in Experience Manager Forms on JEE are delivered through a separate installer.

For information about installing the cumulative installer for Experience Manager Forms on JEE and post-deployment configuration, see the release notes.

After installing the cumulative installer for Experience Manager Forms on JEE, install the latest Forms add-on package, delete the Forms add-on package from the crx-repository\install folder, and restart the server.

UberJar uber-jar

The UberJar for Experience Manager is available in the Maven Central repository(https://).

To use UberJar in a Maven project, see how to use UberJar and include the following dependency in your project POM:

UberJar and the other related artifacts are available on Maven Central Repository instead of Adobe Public Maven repository ( The main UberJar file is renamed to uber-jar-<version>.jar. So, there is no classifier, with apis as the value, for the dependency tag.

Deprecated and removed features removed-deprecated-features

See Deprecated and removed features.

Known issues known-issues

  • AEM Content Fragment with GraphQL Index Package 1.0.3

  • The deprecated /oak:index/lucene index can cause a FileNotFoundException which sends the indexing into an endless loop .The workaround is to add the system property oak.indexTracker.autoRefresh to 3153600000000, as follows, when starting AEM:

    • java -Doak.indexTracker.autoRefresh=3153600000000
  • When trying to move/delete/publish either Content Fragments or Sites/Pages, there is an issue when Content Fragment references are fetched, as the background query fails; that is, the functionality does not work.
    To ensure correct operation, you must add the following properties to the index definition node /oak:index/damAssetLucene (no re-indexing is required):

    code language-xml
    "tags": [
    "refresh": true
  • As Microsoft® Windows Server 2019 does not support MySQL 5.7 and JBoss® EAP 7.1, Microsoft® Windows Server 2019 does not support turnkey installations for AEM Forms

  • If you upgrade your Experience Manager instance from 6.5.0 - 6.5.4 to the latest service pack on Java 11, you see RRD4JReporter exceptions in the error.log file. To stop the exceptions, restart your instance of Experience Manager.

  • Users can rename a folder in a hierarchy in Assets and publish a nested folder to Brand Portal. However, the title of the folder is not updated in Brand Portal until the root folder is republished.

  • When a user selects to configure a field for the first time in an adaptive form, the option to save a configuration does not display in Properties Browser. Selecting to configure some other field of the adaptive form in the same editor resolves the issue.

  • The following errors and warning messages may display during installation of Experience Manager 6.5.x.x:

    • "When the Adobe Target integration is configured in Experience Manager using the Target Standard API (IMS authentication), then exporting Experience Fragments to Target results in wrong offer types getting created. Instead of type “Experience Fragment”/source “Adobe Experience Manager,” Target creates several offers with type “HTML”/source “Adobe Target Classic.”
    • com.adobe.granite.maintenance.impl.TaskScheduler: No maintenance windows found at granite/operations/maintenance.
    • Adaptive Form server-side validation fails when aggregate functions such as SUM, MAX, and MIN are used (CQ-4274424).
    • com.adobe.granite.maintenance.impl.TaskScheduler - No maintenance windows found at granite/operations/maintenance.
    • Hotspot in a Dynamic Media interactive image is not visible when previewing the asset through Shoppable Banner viewer.
    • bundle (395)[] : Timeout waiting for reg change to complete unregistered.

OSGi bundles and content packages included osgi-bundles-and-content-packages-included

The following text documents list the OSGi bundles and Content Packages included in Experience Manager

Restricted websites restricted-sites

These websites are only available to customers. If you are a customer and need access, contact your Adobe account manager.