Group Templates group-templates

The Group Templates console is similar to the Site Templates console. Both are blueprints for a set of pre-wired pages and features which form a community site. The difference is that a site template is for the main community and a group template is for a community group, a subcommunity nested within the main community.

A community group is incorporated into a site template by including the Groups function (which may not be the first nor only function in the template).

As of Communities feature pack 1, it is possible to nest groups by including the Groups function within a group template.

The moment an action is taken to create a community group, the group’s template (structure) is selected. The selection depends on how the Groups function was configured when added to the site or group template.

The consoles for the creation of community sites, community site templates, community group templates, and community functions are for use only in the author environment.

Group Templates Console group-templates-console

To reach the group templates console in the AEM Author environment:

  • Select Tools | Communities | Group Templates, from global navigation.

This console displays the templates from which a community site can be created and allows new group templates to be created.

Community groups template

Create Group Template create-group-template

To get started creating a group template, select Create.

This brings up the Site Editor panel which contains three subpanels:

Basic Info basic-info


On the Basic Info panel, a name, description and whether the template is enabled or disabled are configured:

  • New Group Template Name

    The template name id.

  • Description

    The template description.

  • Disabled/Enabled

    A toggle switch controlling whether the template is referenceable.

Thumbnail thumbnail


(Optional) Select the Upload Image icon to display a Thumbnail along with the Name and Description to creators of community sites.

Structure structure

If working with AEM 6.1 Communities FP4 or earlier, do not add a groups function to a group template.
The nested groups feature is available as of Communities FP1.
It is still not allowed to add a Groups function as the first or only function in a template.

Group template editor

To add community functions, drag from the right side to the left in the order the site menu links should appear. Styles are applied to the template during creation of the site.

For example, if you want a forum, drag the forum function from the library and drop under the template builder. This results in the forum configuration dialog opening. See the functions console for information about the configuration dialogs.

Continue drag-and-drop of any other community functions desired for a subcommunity site (group) based on this template.

drag functions

Once all desired functions have been dropped into the template builder area and configured, select Save in the upper right corner.

Edit Group Template edit-group-template

When viewing community groups in the main Group Templates console, it is possible to select an existing group template for edit.

Editing a group template does not affect community sites already created from the template. It is possible to directly edit a community site’s structure instead.

This process provides the same panels as creating a group template.