Storage Configuration storage-configuration

Storage configuration is the means of identifying the storage chosen for community content, also known as user-generated content (UGC).

This setting informs the AEM Communities code as to which implementation of the storage resource provider (SRP) is used when accessing UGC. It must reflect the topology established when Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) was deployed.

For a discussion of storage options and deployment topologies, visit:

Storage Configuration Console storage-configuration-console


In the Author environment, to reach the storage configuration console.

  • From global navigation, select Tools > Communities > Storage Configuration

To select a storage option other than the default JCR:

About JCR Storage about-jcr-storage

If no selection is made, the default is the AEM repository, JCR.

JCR is not a common store shared by the Author and Publish environments. Community content is visible only from the Author or Publish environment in which it was created.

Visit JCR Store for additional information.

The absence of the node srpc under /etc/socialconfig indicates the default JCR store.