Create a Sample Page create-a-sample-page

AEM 6.4 has reached the end of extended support and this documentation is no longer updated. For further details, see our technical support periods. Find the supported versions here.

As of AEM 6.1 Communities, the easiest way to create a sample page is to create a simple community site, consisting simply of a Page function.

This will include a parsys component so that you can enable components for authoring.

Another option for exploratoin with sample components is to use the features presented in the Community Components Guide.

Create a Community Site create-a-community-site

This is very similar to creating a new site described in Getting Started with AEM Communities.

The major difference is this tutorial will create a new community site template that only contains the Page function in order to create a simple community site free of other features (other than the pre-wired features basic to all community sites).

Create New Site Template create-new-site-template

To get started, create a simple community site template.

From global navigation on an author instance select Tools > Communities > Site Templates.


  • Select Create button


    • Name: Single Page Template
    • Description: A template consisting of a single Page function.
    • select Enabled



    • Drag a Page function to the Template Builder

    • For Configuration Function Details, enter

      • Title: Single Page
      • URL: page


  • Select Save for the configuration
  • Select Save for the site template

Create New Community Site create-new-community-site

Now create a new community site based on the simple site template.

After creating the site template, from global navigation select Communities > Sites.


  • Select Create icon

  • Step 1 - Site Template

    • Title: Simple Community Site

    • Description: A Community Site consisiting of a single page for experimentation.

    • Community Site Root: (leave blank)

    • Community Site Base Language: English

    • Name: sample

      • url = http://localhost:4502/content/sites/sample
    • Template: choose Single Page Template


  • Select Next

  • Step 2 - Design

    • Select any design
  • Select Next

  • Select Next

    (Accept all default Settings)

  • Select Create


Publish the Site publish-the-site


From the community sites console, select the publish icon to publish the site, by default to http://localhost:4503.

Open the Site on Author in Edit Mode open-the-site-on-author-in-edit-mode


Select the open site icon to view the site in edit mode.

The URL will be http://localhost:4502/editor.html/content/sites/sample/en.html


On the simple home page it is possible to see what is pre-wired through the community functions and templates, and play with adding and configuring community components.

View Site on Publish view-site-on-publish

After publishing the page, open the page on the publish instance to experiment with the features as an anonymous site visitor, signed in member, or an administrator. The Administration link visible in the author environement will not appear in the publish environment unless an administrator signs in.